The Entryway Mystery

This past summer, Seth and I started to notice objects that don't belong to us in the entryway of our house.  It started simply enough, a shoe.  A converse type shoe.  But just one.  Odd right? Nothing too concerning though, so I threw it away.

Then another shoe appeared.  This time it was a little boy's sandal.  At the time we were having frequent barbecues at our house, so I assumed it belonged to a nephew, or a friend's boy.  I took a picture of the shoe and sent a text to everyone I knew with a boy around that age that had been at my house.  No one claimed it.  Really odd.

I should mention that I am a clean person in general.  My entryway however, not so clean.  You know how it is. Shoes pile up, coats don't end up on the hangars, reusable shopping bags, purses, running clothing, tools, etc, all end up cluttering the space.  Every couple of weeks I try and clean things up.  I put the shoes in the cubbys. I hang up all the jackets, I take the tools and other items to their rightful places.  So while these items were appearing, I wouldn't always notice them right away.

After the little boy's shoe, a woman's shoe.  Really cute actually.  A silver, pointy toed flat.  Looks like something I would wear.  Just one however.  I sent a text to some girlfriends and no one claimed it.  What the hell?  How do people keep losing just one damn shoe!? Are people frequently walking out of the house, shoes in-hand rather than on their feet?  This was getting annoying.  No one claimed it (big surprise).  Once again threw it away.

Then I found a plastic bag with 2 items of clothing with the DI tags on them.  A striped hoodie for a small man or teenage boy.  Also a green cardigan of sorts for a little girl around 8-years-old.  Instantly I figured my mom left it behind.  So I text her.  Of course, it's not hers.  It's nothing Seth's mom left either.  Certainly wasn't my brother Chris that left it.  What the hell?  At this point Seth and I realize something is up.  But again, we don't think much of it.

Enter the weirdest find.  I was vacuuming the entryway one evening. I didn't pick up everything and vacuum under it, but I mostly did.  I distinctly remember seeing Seth's boots in the corner.  I didn't pick them up and vacuum under them.

The next morning Seth is leaving for work and exclaims, "Um, guess what I just found in our entry? Another odd gift!"  He holds up a disgusting red and green retainer.  You have to be shitting me.  A retainer!?  I just vacuumed there!  Apparently it was kind of behind his boots.

At this point we are a bit freaked out.  Clearly someone is getting into our house. We run some possible scenarios through our heads:

1.  It's one of the kids that goes to school across the street.  We live right across from a junior high school.  The students often sit out of the sidewalk while they eat lunch.  Maybe they wait until we leave and check to see if the door is unlocked?  And then they just toss random items inside?

2. Millie.  Millie somehow finds random items and brings them in the house with her!  This felt extremely unlikely because I always see what she brings in.  Which is pretty much only her blanket.  And an occasional rock.

3. Rodent.  Maybe a random rat/mouse is getting in - but just in the entry?  And only to bring random items and not leave a poop trace?  Nope.  Unlikely again.

4. Ghost.  Maybe we have a ghost!  A ghost that doesn't seem to bother us.  A ghost that doesn't make any noise.  A ghost that just leaves a red and green retainer in our entry?  Right.

After the retainer incident I posted this odd mystery on Facebook.  Friends and family started to show equal parts intrigue, fear and wonder.  Once the retainer showed up Seth and I decided we had to start making a better effort to lock the door.  I'm great about locking the door, but Seth isn't.  It's not rare that I will come home on a day Seth was the last to leave, and the door is not locked.  I also am guilty of walking up the street to the park with Millie and leaving the door unlocked.  Ok, doors locked.  Check.  We also decided to leave the entryway as clean as possible.  That way, when odd things show up, we will notice immediately and start being able to put the mystery together.

A few days later, I had cleaned the entry, I had taken everything out to the car that needed to go into my car.  The coats were hung.  The shoes were sorted.

The next morning, I went to leave for my 6am yoga class. I grabbed my purse (in the dark) and noticed something was under it. I thought it was maybe one of my scarves?  I turned on the light and discovered black lacy lingerie.  Size 5XL.  And a black thong to match.  At this point I just started laughing. I walked into the bedroom and showed Seth and we both just started laughing.

Not actual lingerie, sorry about the sexy pic!
I went to yoga.  And a realization came to me.  Sean was over at our house last night.  Sean read about the mystery on Facebook.  Sean TOTALLY left the lingerie.  Busted.  I told my suspicion to Seth who absolutely agreed that Sean left the lingerie.  However, at this point I didn't think Sean was responsible for the other items.  I figured he saw the post on Facebook and was going to start messing with us.  So Seth and I vowed to play dumb and see how long Sean would drag this out.

I posted another post on Facebook about our weird lingerie find and pretended to be stumped. I was still stumped about the other items, but I was 100% sure Sean had left the lingerie just to mess with us.

Later that night Sean calls.  He says, "The best part of this whole thing has been everyone's reactions on Facebook."  At this point I didn't realize he was confessing.  I just thought he was calling to chat - and see what I would say about the lingerie.  I tell him I know it was him that brought the lingerie.  To which he replies, "It cost me $30 in shipping to get the 5XL! I didn't want to buy anything small because I didn't want you to worry Seth was having an affair!" We laugh.  Then he says, "I found that retainer at Gardner Village."  At this point I still think he's joking.

Then reality sets in.  It was Sean.  The entire time.  It has always been Sean!

Now, anyone that knows Sean shouldn't be that surprised by this.  It makes sense. He's a prankster.  It just never dawned on me that it was just a friend playing a prank on us.  So I asked him how he thought of doing this. His response was:

"Well, I had an old pair of shoes.  They were too old to donate and I didn't want to just throw them away so I thought, 'I know. I'll leave one in Becky's entry.  Because I know it'll drive her nuts.'"  When you didn't say anything about it, I went to the DI and got a bunch of stuff.  Every time I would come over to your house, I would just leave something."

Who does that!? Who thinks that way?  My good friend Sean was.

So...I suppose I should be relieved that 1). No stranger has been getting into my house 2). My daughter/rodent/neighbor dog isn't dragging stuff into my house 3). We are not haunted.

I had a good laugh.  Never a dull moment with Sean.  Never a dull moment.

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