Taking Stock

Life has been throwing me for a loop lately. I've been fighting pretty heavily with depression, anxiety and just a basic feeling of being completely overwhelmed.  Many times I have sat down to write a blog and express these feelings.  Today I saw this on a blog I follow and I loved it.  So today is just about taking stock. 

Making:  An obscene amount of to-do lists.
Cooking:  Separate meals for Millie.  Still.
Drinking:  A lot more wine than I usually do.
Reading:   "Beneath the Wide & Starry Sky" 
Wanting:   Peace, fun and time
Looking:   Across the Salt Lake valley on this beautiful summer morning
Playing:    Snowmonster with Millie
Wasting:  Time on Facebook
Wishing:   For strength
Missing:   Biking and yoga 
Enjoying:  My lovely backyard
Waiting:   For Seth's work schedule to feel easier.
Liking:  Bright lipstick, gardening and bad TV
Wondering: Can I handle a second kid?
Loving:  My daughter more than anything in the world
Hoping:  I am a better mom than I give myself credit for
Marveling:  At Millie.  
Needing:   A vacation away with Seth
Smelling:   Office coffee
Wearing:   Summer dresses and high heels
Following:  The lives of everyone and comparing too much
Noticing:    How exercise changes the way I feel in general
Knowing:   Things are going to be just fine
Thinking:   Too much.  Always thinking
Giggling:   At the brilliant things my daughter says
Feeling:   Antsy and sad but hopeful