If I Could Turn Back Time

A movie came out recently called "About Time."

It didn't get much buzz but it's a movie that really struck me. It's an incredibly sweet movie.  It's a time travel movie.  The characters can only travel back and relive moments from their own lives.  It got me thinking about times in my life that I wish I could go back and relive.  Interestingly enough they aren't the big grand moments.  They are smaller moments that I wish I could go back to over and over again.  I wish I had pictures for all of them.

I would relive a snowy day as a kid.  Playing outside with my brother Eric for hours and then coming inside when mom would have hot chocolate for us.  We'd take of our wet snow clothes, grab blankets and run and snuggle on "the heat the heat the heat the heat!"

Moments with my brother Chris when he would turn on all of the "cool lights' in his bedroom.  We'd listen to music and he would throw me over and over onto his bed.

Moments with Heather when she would clean out her stuff and I would inherit lots of fun treasures.  I would put on her dance costumes and we would lie on her bed and dance with our legs in the air.

Moments with my brother Eric, playing "Thundercats" on the stairs of the house.

Trips to Goblin Valley with my best friend as a kid, Missy Fisher.  Dirt bikes, hiking, movies, sandwiches with lots of pickles, sleeping in the camper, rewatching "Sandlot" over and over again.

The time my dad and I went to California to see Barbra Streisand in concert. I was 12-years-old.  We had some time to kill so we went to the beach. It was winter and my dad covered me up in towels and I napped.

Night games on Ensign Circle.  Summer nights were the best.  A street full of kids.  We played until after 10 some nights.  We played steal the shoes, colored eggs, ghosts in the graveyard, etc.  Nights when everyone was friendly.  Everyone was safe and looked after.  Life was different back then.

Sleepovers.  Really, was there anything better as a young girl?

The nights before the first day of school.  The anticipation of the new year was palpable.  I would lay out my outfit, perfectly pack my new backpack and could barely sleep.

The Cabin with the Bensons.  For years our two families would make an annual summer trip to the Avery Cabin. I miss waking up to the smell of bacon.  Playing "The game" at night when we would all hide.  Playing the "outside game" for hours.  I miss singing, "Today is Monday, today is Monday" and driving to Jackson Hole for our shopping excursions to the Polo Store.

Weekends with my dad and Terrie.  Specifically the nights Terrie and I would make cookie dough and eat all of the dough while watching "Troop Beverly Hills" and then staying up late just talking.

Saturday rehearsal for any musical at Cottonwood High School.  Specifically "My Fair Lady" when I was so in love with my new school, new friends and of course, Jason Rhead.

Christmas season as a madrigal at Cottonwood.  Some of my favorite memories involved driving around in our black dresses from performance to performance in Molly's jeep, listening to "I Think We're Alone Now".

Christmas Eve with Grandpa.  The moment we walked into his house and smelled the fish it felt like Christmas. It still hurts that he isn't here bossing us around, drinking a lot of vino and making us a perfect Italian feast.

Nacho Night.  Every Wednesday for 2-3 years a group of friends would get together for "nacho night".  A night where we would make gourmet nachos and hang out.  Now our friends are scattered around the country.  I miss those nights terribly.

The first weeks of dating Seth.  When everything felt perfect and we were so in love.

Those epic days of Greed.  I believe this is the game where James had to eat a lock of Bim's chest hair? Or maybe when James had to stand outside without his shirt, with all car headlights pointed at him, while he was devoured by mosquitos.

This day in August 2008 when I went to France with my family. The entire day was pure magic.

Halloween in Boise.  It felt like a movie.  The streets were so crowded you could barely walk.  We trudged through inches of fallen leaves.  The smell of burning pumpkins.  The company of Ashtin, Jenna and David.

This day in San Francisco in 2011.  The original Avery Family.

The babymoon.  This night specifically when we took a tour of the Siene River.

The early months of Millie, but the mornings specifically. I would bring her into bed with me and it was the happiest she was all day.  I loved those first chubby smiles.

This day in October 2013.

Isn't this what life is all about.  Not necessarily the big life events, but the moments?


  1. oh sweetheart, I'm in love! that is a beautiful life you have there.I'm just so glad I can share a small part of it! Thank you thank you thank you

  2. ah Becky thanks for bringing back so many memories. I love you - Eric