This Year I Resolve

I am a New Year's Resolutions kind of person.  All the way.  I spend a month leading up to January 1st thinking about what they will be.  I spend the first week or so of the year trying to scale back and make some realistic goals.  I also have to put them on paper.  So I will put them on my blog.  I hope that by doing so I will feel a sense of accountability.  Here goes nothing.

1. Be more present
We live in a world of constant distraction.  iPhones, laptops, radios, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the internet.  The world is at our fingertips and it's never been full of so much crap.  This year I resolve to be more present.  This means if I am at work, I work.  I actually had our IT person block Facebook from my computer.  Facebook is nothing but a distraction.  Rarely do I find it that interesting anymore.  If I'm driving, I'm driving.  I don't text while I drive but I do pick up my phone at long lights and check out the weather, etc.  Enough.  I  need to just enjoy my time while driving (and listen to NPR of course).  Most importantly, when I am with my daughter or Seth, I need to be fully present.  Parents, you know how easy it is.  You are playing on the floor with your kid, your phone beeps that you have a new email, Facebook notification, text message, etc.  Rarely are these valuable things that should take us away from our sweet children.  Let it go.  Texts can wait.  Groupon emails can wait.  Instagram notifications don't matter.  I will check my phone only when I'm alone.  I'm tired of giving more attention to my iPhone than to my family and friends.

2. Stay active
I'm a better wife, mother, friend and coworker when I am exercising.  I love when I am set in a routine. I don't want this year to be about losing a certain amount of weight. I just want it to be about staying active.  Yoga, running, walking, etc., it doesn't matter.  The important thing I that I keep moving.  And I plan to.  Hopefully I'll be pregnant at some point this year and I really want to stay active LONGER than I did last time around.  Here's hoping.

3. Simplify
Our society makes us believe that we need to have a lot of "stuff'".  My aunt and uncle recently lost nearly all of their possessions in a house fire.  While my heart breaks for them, they have had the most amazing attitude about it.  "It's just stuff."  They are right.  As horrible as it sounds to lose everything you have, how nice would it be?  I am amazed at how much "stuff" we have.  Closets full of things we never touch.  Boxes in our garage. Old memorabilia that we honestly don't need or care much about but feel too guilty to give away?  Stupid little gadgets that help accomplish one task (a mango cutter?).  Enough. Time to simplify.  I plan on making my way through my house this year.  Yard sales, trips to the DI, posting items on KSL or Craigslist are all part of my future.  None of this stuff really buys me happiness.  I can't wait to feel less cluttered.

4. Budget
Going along with #3 is to budget.  It's so easy to just buy crap that we don't need.  Honestly I'm amazed every time I go to Costco, Target, Carters, even the grocery store at how much stuff I buy that I don't really need.  I've never really budgeted and I feel that if I set a strict budget that I will spend less on stuff I don't need.  I'm terrible at groceries. I buy a lot of food that ends up going bad.  Another part of budgeting will hopefully make me use more of what I have in my cupboards.  Seth and I want to start saving.  We should be saving way more than we do.  Now that I am down to working 30 hours a week, money will be tighter.  I think budgeting will actually feel really great.  Now someone teach me?

5. Stop Being So Critical
This goes not only being critical of others, but of myself.  Seth and I realized the other day that we have been in a cycle of just nagging each other.  For the most ridiculous things.  We are stressed and tired and we are completely taking it out on each other.  Being critical doesn't help our marriage.  It doesn't help my friendships.  It doesn't help my family.  I am going to work on this.  

6. Blog 
Blogging is one of my only creative outlets.  Last year I blogged very little. I felt like it was a burden instead of an escape.  I was going months without blogging, instead of weeks and that added to the burden. I felt like I lost my creative energy.  So as lame as this sounds, I am going to blog twice a month.  Even if the topics are ridiculous, I will just start writing. Some I hope are more thoughtful.  Others will hopefully make people laugh.  Some may just be an overview of what's happening in my life.  The important thing for me is to write. It helps me stay centered. 

7. Try some new hobbies
Some ideas at the top of this list include: knitting, baking bread, gardening, crafting with Millie.  I'm going to rely heavily on Pinterest and talented friends to help me with this one.  

8. Don't chop off my hair
Damn it all I will have long hair!  I must stay strong and not cut any length off this year.  Two trims.  That's it.  This is really stupid, I know.  But I am determined to make it work. 

9. Plan ahead
I'm a planner. I am good at planning but man Christmas was stressful this year.  Coworker gifts, daycare teacher gifts, homemade goodies, presents for family, Millie, Seth all took a toll on me. I tried to do too much and as a result got grumpy and overwhelmed.  So I'm starting early.  September suckers!  I want to plan ahead for all major life events.  To help keep my sanity.  

10. Enjoy the ride
Juggling work, family, home, Millie, etc.  It's hard and tiring but it's damn good.  This year my goal is to just go with it.  My life is never going to be perfect.  Let go of unrealistic expectations and enjoy the ride. 

Oh Becky.  10 resolutions?  Really!?  Hey better than not trying anything.  Here goes nothing.  Bring it on 2014!


  1. I just need to write down your list of goals and make them my own. Love! My big one is being more present this year. I'm guilty of wasting way too much time doing stupid stuff on my phone. It's such a time suck!

  2. I am smelling my bread bake as I read this. I am happy to teach you to bake, as well as LaVonne I am sure. Great post and I wish you luck.