Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This

Oh hi.  Remember me?  The girl that used to blog?  I vaguely remember her as well.  Life with a kid makes every hobby I used to entertain feel like a luxury. I've finally started running again but I still haven't found my blogging groove. I've wanted to blog many times.  However I either feel like the topic I have whirling through my mind is off limits or I just don't have the energy to write.

I was going to blog last night. However after getting home from work, playing with Millie, feeding her dinner, cooking dinner for Seth and I and doing dishes AND doing a few loads of laundry...lets just say I found something else to occupy those precious 2 hours of "me time" before bed.  Ahem..

Needless to say I was too enthralled with Gossip Girl so I didn't blog last night.  The good news is after this morning I have what I think is a funny and embarrassing story to tell.

"Momma said there'd be days like this.  There'd be days like this Momma said...."

Wednesdays are my long days.  Millie goes to my sisters every Wednesday. Heather lives in Sandy so my days are a bit long driving Millie out to Sandy, then driving up to the U of U for work and then back to Sandy to pick her up and home to Millcreek.  It's a long day.  However I LOVE that she spends the day with her Auntie and cousins.  She's smitten.  They are smitten.  She is so loved there.

I'll blog more about this in a couple of weeks.  Millie has been going to my sister's every week for pretty much a year and a half.  She'll be starting Daycare in August so it's coming to an end (makes me want to cry just typing it.)

This morning I was on-time (score!) so decided after I dropped her off that I would treat myself to a little drive through coffee, which I never do.

I was driving Seth's brand new Subaru Outback because he rode his bike to work.  I love this car and the 2 hour commute felt happier and easier driving this beauty...

I wait in line behind 5 cars and slowly watch my clock tick away the minutes, realizing that this stop was going to make me late for work.  I pay for my coffee, start to pull away and notice I somehow turned on the hazard lights.

No problem Becky, turn them off.


Where the hell is the switch????

I spend a good 2 minutes looking in the car.  Can't see it.  Frustration building I pull into a parking stall and keep looking.  Still nothing.  Seriously how hard can this be!?

I decide to pull out the manual, flip to the index and sear for "emergency lights"- because hell if I could remember they are called hazards.

Surprisingly "emergency lights" are not in the index.  I flip to "lights" and search the manual.  Nothing. I can't find a freaking thing.

6 minutes or so pass and I decide to call Seth.  He doesn't answer.

I start thinking to myself, "Ok who can I call that drives an Outback?"

And the answer comes in a streak of brilliance (and fear)....

Doug Fabrizio has one.  I work with Doug.  He's Utah's public radio celebrity.  Easy on the eyes. We are friends. I have his number (for event purposes only) and have never called him.  It's 9:10 at this point so early enough that I wouldn't be stressing him out too much by calling him right before RadioWest.  So I call him.

"Hey Doug, it's Becky. I am really embarrassed to be calling you but I'm in a bit of a bind. I am driving Seth's new Outback today and I have somehow turned on the emergency lights.  I can't find the switch to turn them off for the life of me.  Can you recall where it is?"

Doug of course is completely nice, mentions he has done the same thing and proceeds to explain to me where the switch is.

Oh Lord. The giant RED BUTTON right in the middle of my dash?  You've got to be shitting me. I feel my face turn bright red. I laugh and thank Doug to which he replies, "Hey no problem I've done the same thing.  Happy to help.  You idiot."

And that my friends is how I started my Wednesday. Making a complete ass of myself.  Eh, what do you do?

Ok blogs to look for in the future (hoping if I put it in writing that I will actually follow through:

-Book reviews (I've read a ton of amazing ones lately)
-My funny Millie (documenting her hilarious personality - video heavy of course)
-Goodbye Nanny, Hello Daycare (tales of a big decision and transition)
-Mom's really can't have it all (a career and a family)
-Why I am terrified to raise a daughter (body issues, mean girls, women's rights)
-My unromantic romance (no need to explain this one)

Leave in the comment section what one you want me to write next!  Please I beg of you, hold me to this.  This whole writing thing is very therapeutic.