May 12th

Another month has come and gone.  I wish my pictures today had more variety but most of my day was spent on a bike ride - or walking up and down my street with a fussy baby.  Such is life.  May 12th...

1. Our day started off at 7:00am.  Not too early in the house with a 3-month-old.  I registered for the Goldilocks bike ride last year. Thank goodness Seth was home to take care of Millie.  I love this baby girl!

2. We call this her "drunk monkey" face.  Slightly dopey looking but pretty adorable.  Also please mind the blurry pictures.  She can't sit still enough in her Bumbo chair. 

3. I was out the door.  On the way to my sister's I actually got emotional.  Emotional because I have this beautiful child at home with a wonderful husband and yet I was about to go and do something that I loved - and missed.  It felt really good.  I did the ride with my sister, cousin Ally and our friend Meagan.  Here's a group shot - before we looked too scary.

4. We opted to do the 40 mile route.  Last year we accomplished 60 but seeing that I had only been on my bike 1 time since I had the baby - even 40 miles felt like a lot.  And it was.  But I was excited!

5. Ten miles into the ride and I got a flat tire.  Blerg.

6. We had to wait on the side of the road on busy 90th South for about 15 minutes for the support vehicle to come and help fix it.  

7. No problem!  Tire fixed and we are back on our way - for 30 more miles.  We were slow going (well Heather and I were) but we finally made it.  The finish line was a welcome sight!

8. I think most riders had come and gone by the time we got in but there were still plenty of bikes around.

9. It was nice to get home. All I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and rest.  However - no rest is allowed with a little baby.  So it was play time.  She learned to hold and play with toys this week.

10. Sometimes her expressions crack me up.  This is her skeptical face. 

11.  Tired, fussy girl.  Sometimes Dad knows just what to do.  

12. A little play time on her ocean mat before bed.  We call this "double fisting!"