September 12th

Today was a great day.  September 12th in 12 pictures.  Sorry I am too lazy to write more blogs right now.  Trust me, many of them are brewing.  I just need some time to frame my thoughts in a "non-pissed-off" manner.

1. I have the most amazing family support.  Wednesdays my sister Heather takes care of Millie.  I normally drive her out to her house in Sandy but today because of Fund Drive Heather not only came to me - but she came at 7:45am.  That way I could be to work early and get home late if needed.  My sister is the best.  And Millie adores her Auntie.

2.  First thing this morning I was in charge of "shift-coordinating" for several hours.  Basically I am in the phone room to help answer questions for my volunteers that take pledges.  They were good sports today. It was a bit stressful with a huge VIP on RadioWest and stress running high.  Plus it was the first day of the drive which always has some kinks to iron out.  Good people our volunteers.  Good people.

3. The RadioWest producers were afraid of Doug being too distracted by having the volunteers on the other side of the window.  So they decided to put up some construction paper in-between the two studios.  Our volunteers felt a bit bummed out but decided to start leaving us messages on the paper to make light of the situation.  I love them.

4. I wish I had a better story for this picture of THE Doug Fabrizio.  It looks like he is stressed or upset - truthfully he was just trying to think of a specific word. I just loved that he was sitting right under the KUER clock so I took the opportunity to snap a shot.  

5. One of the best (and worst) things about Fund Drive is the food.  We get A LOT of good food.  And A LOT of snack food.  You can find chocolate, candy, chips, drinks, nuts, etc. anytime you want.  They don't call our weight gain the "fund drive 5" for nothing.  Oh hell, I'm in for it. 

6. Time to pitch (or ask people to donate on-air).  I love pitching.  It feels natural to me to be on-air.  This is a good compromise for my career.  I mean I REALLY wanted to be Katie Couric when I was a kid.  Now I can be on radio (not TV) and yet still work for a nonprofit.  Best of both worlds.

7. No matter how many times you say the phone numbers each fund drive you STILL find yourself looking at these damn signs over and over again.  

8.  One of our thank-you gifts is this awesome NPR shirt. I must get one.  And I had to model it with the ugliest face ever.

9. While at work my sister informed me that Millie had 2 more teeth!  No wonder she has been a grumpy pants the last few nights.  Her little teeth hurt.  I kept feeling her gums for them and today they made an appearance! Look closely. 

10.  Man I love this girl.  I loved this beautiful autumn evening outside with her. I love her in her first "hoodie" but mainly I just love her personality and her hilarious face!

11. When Seth got home he was excited to play with her. I swear she is going to skip crawling all together and start walking...

12. My two favorite people on the planet.  Man I love these guys!