Congress is Killing Me

Unless you live under a rock you are well aware of what has been happening with our country and the debt ceiling. Well, here we are a mere 3 days away from government default and our ridiculous leaders can't come up with a solution.

It has gotten to the point where listening to the news, watching the news, or reading about the news makes me want to punch something.

Who knows what will happen if come August 2nd we haven't raised the debt ceiling. Will it ruin our credit rating as a country? Perhaps. Will it plunge us back into the 2008 recession? Who knows. Will all of the senior citizens get their social security checks? Maybe not. We an speculate all we went. However I think 99% of us agree (Tea Party excluded) that raising the debt ceiling is needed. It's been done before people. Many, many, many times.

The bottom line is - something needs to be done. And our leaders are being complete assholes. I now firmly believe that the main worry they have is not about the well-being of our country but about their ability to be re-elected. And it disgusts me. Who are these people? How in the world do they actually get elected?

Lets take a step back. Right now our GDP (gross domestic product) is 100% debt. This has only happened one other time - right during World War II. Take this down a notch and think about it in the context of your life.

Lets say I make $50,000 per year (which I don't). That means that each month the $3,000 or so I take home is used solely to pay toward my debt. Every penny. So what do I do after I pay my debt? Where do I get money for groceries? Clothing? Gas? Entertainment? I have nothing. What do I do?

Well the Republicans would just tell me to cut spending. Um. Ok, but I still have that much debt to pay off. I can cut down on my eating out, or I can limit myself to only 1 movie a month. That might help right? Clearly our country has a major spending problem. Cutting spending is obviously desperately needed. It will help, but it isn't the only solution.

Another part of the solution would be for me to somehow supplement my income. Huh! Imagine that! If I had that much debt I sure as hell wouldn't just cut down on my spending, I would be out looking for a way to earn more money. Perhaps a part-time job. Maybe I could clean houses a couple days a week, or work on some crafts to sell at a market.

Look, all I know is that at a time like this both measures need to be taken. What is so damn hard to understand about that!?

No one wants higher taxes. I get it. But you know what, I live in this country and if higher taxes mean I will make sure the low-income family down the street is able to receive their food stamps, then I am happy to help. We need to raise taxes. Or, better yet, we need to put an end to the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest families.

Yes, I just said that. I have heard the argument "Oh but the rich already pay so many taxes. I've seen how their paychecks look after taxes. It's crazy!" I'm sure it's crazy. However, the people I know that make over $250,000 a year live in 8000 sq. foot homes, have more cars than drivers and are able to go on extravagant vacations. Boo freaking hoo.

Oh and then people claim that the rich provide more jobs because they have more money. Um - open your eyes people. This isn't true. If it was true, we would have had a much lower unemployment rate. The rich are currently making more money than they ever have and the gap between the rich and the poor is wider than it has ever been. Something is wrong here. Higher taxes would help improve our crumbling infrastructure. THAT my friends would create jobs.

Where has our ability to compromise gone? Don't we all compromise on a daily basis? I know I do. Seth and I compromise in order to make our marriage work. My co-workers and I compromise on tasks and responsibilities. Why can't congress follow suit?

We have to supplement our income in some way. In fact, we probably don't even have to raise taxes. We can close some loop-holes, we can get rid of tax cuts to the wealthiest people in our country. Something has to be done.

Lets quit pointing fingers on whose fault it is that we are in debt. Look, we are in 2 wars (nearly 3), our economy is in the toilet, more people need the social services our country provides than before. If we want to take care of them and our country - we have to supplement - and cut.

Part of me wants to see us default in 2 days. Why not? Maybe that will be a big, fat wake-up call to our country when Social Security checks don't arrive at Grandma's - or our servicemen in Iraq don't get paid.

What then?

Dear Congress, pull your heads out. Work together. Quit worrying so much about being reelected and the special interest groups that will be on your back. Worry about our country and the sad state we are in. If not, you won't be reelected anyway. And I for one will cheer.


Go America!

June & July 12X12

I have been dreadfully slow in the blogging world. Finally to catch up with at least my 12X12 photos!

1. Newly painted house - we decided to try some blue on for size. The deck wasn't painted yet but it was a good start.

2. Poppies covered the East side of our house. So beautiful. Of course they are dead now and look like overgrown weeds.

3. Jen & Jeremy were in town - along with their cute dogs Oliver and Hugo. They loved Seth.

4. Ah, day 1 of Seth's time off and the dreading pile was already starting to accumulate on my kitchen counter.

5. Homemade Better than Sex cake for Heather's birthday. Yum!

6. I'm a little obsessed with olives right now. The olive bar at Harmon's is fantastic. I usually buy a new tub every time.

7. Dinner at Grandma's house and James being adored by his children.

8. Eric hanging out on the patio during dinner.

9. Heather and I searched for some great old pictures while at Grandma's house.

10. Great pictures like this one - how cute is my brother!?

11. Britney & Sean playing the "nose beep" game with cute little Fred.

12. Oscar playing with Tube Fritas and Tube Bunny - our tubes were so adored.


1. Steve and Seth were on their way to fly fish this morning. Before they left they had to enjoy some smoothies - in owl mugs. Why not?

2. Lunch time falter - I can't always resist the Taco Bell. I try but I can't.

3. The HD Radio in my office. Tuned all day long to 90.1.

4. It was one of those days that made me want to pull my hair out at work.

5. My post-work napping nest. Who says I sleep with too many pillows?

6. Mom and I out "bumming" aka - shopping.

7. My favorite part of my morning run, the "S" curve on upper Evergreen.

8. I bought this tonight. And I cried when I saw the cover.

9. It's amazing that a mere 3 bags from Target could = over $100. I can't go to that store and not spend at least $100. Which is why I only allow myself to go there occasionally.

10. I love it when my man cooks. He always puts my cooking to shame. Tonight's menu included a pork loin and mashed potatoes.

11. Packing time! Off to Pittsburgh for 5 days in the morning.

12. We got our piano tuned today, which means I will actually play the piano again.

Until next month! I believe I'll be in Sun Valley on the 12th so that should make for some fun pictures.