A Big Decision

I apologize for my complete lack of blogging lately. It's been a rough month full of big decisions. And a big decision has been made! We are moving back to Salt Lake. Afterall, there's no place like home. Right Dorothy?
It's no secret that living in Boise has had its ups and downs for Seth & I. I have struggled with depression pretty heavily at times. Work has been a huge struggle for me. HUGE. I think leaving Make-A-Wish when I wasn't ready would have made any job hard to adjust to. My job in Boise has been incredibly hard and very frustrating. However, I have learned a lot and have grown more than I thought I could. It will be an incredible relief to leave this job in 3 weeks. At least I can look back on my time here and be proud of what I was able to accomplish. In all honesty had I had a better work experience in Boise I am convinced my entire Boise experience would have been different. We probably could have been happy here. Happier at least.

Living here has made me realize how much I do love Utah. I am so glad Seth and I decided to come to Boise. I really am. Living away for a year has just made me appreciate Utah again - for all of its beauty, quirkiness and frustrations. When I come home on the weekends I always wish I had more time. Weekends home are full of running from place to place, from family to family, from friend to friend. I have missed all of you so much. Sometimes you forget that the people that surround you are truly what makes life wonderful. Nights as simple as "artichoke nights" with Britney or "bumming nights" with Mom have been what I have missed the most.

I have been offered a job with KUER and I am so excited! I love public radio - I love NPR and I love politics. It's a perfect fit for me. I can't wait to work on the U of U campus. I can't wait to be surrounded by coworkers again. I can't wait for the challenge of a new job. I will still be fundraising but I won't be doing events (insert Hallelujah chorus here). I love events, I really do but man I am burned out. It will be great to focus on major gifts and individual giving. Plus I get to meet all of my NPR celebrities. I get to work with Doug Fabrizio who not only has an amazing radio program but is mighty easy on the eyes. I am going to have to work to not be a bit star struck around him.

I will get to meet Ira Glass, David Sedaris and Diane Rehm. When I told my sister-in-law Katheryne this she clapped and said "YEAH! They are "my celebrities"!" So true. When I interviewed with the staff there I really felt an instant connection with them. I left my interview thinking "these are MY people." Apparently they felt the same way after I left. I can't wait! So here's to new work adventures! Here's to new challenges, new missions and to trying to convince my family and friends to turn off Glenn Beck and turn on This American Life! This is what excites me the most - being passionate for the cause again. I need that. I need to feel that need to work hard and raise money for something I believe so strongly in.

I always felt bad that I never connected with the MS Society. I think most of that came from working alone for months and not really seeing first hand what my hard work was going toward. Don't get me wrong I believe strongly that the MS Society is a great organization, with a wonderful mission. I think MS is a terrible disease and that raising money to find a cure is important. Sadly the mission just never got it's hooks in me. And I so desperately need that.
I will be moving home in just 3 short weeks. Seth won't follow for a month or so. He also has a great job to come home to - a hospitalist PA at Davis Hospital. Due to licensing issues he won't be able to start until January. Of course KUER didn't want to wait for me until January so I'll head home a month early.

I can't wait to see Seth be able to care deeply for his patients. I mean lets be honest, he has taken care of the prisoners, but he also didn't strive to take care of their every complaint. 1/2 the time they just want drugs right? Seth is so good with people and working closely with the patients and their families will really show him off. I'm proud of my man. Plus how cool that one of the 2 doctors he will work under is this guy:

That's right - our dear friend James. So great.

There is so much I will miss about Boise. A topic I am going to save for its own blog. There is a lot I will miss and a lot that I fear about moving back. Part of me feels like a failure for not making it work here. However I think this is the right decision for us.

So it's back to the Beehive state for us. To me this means back to our lovely house (which will still require a ton of fixing up - and I can't wait!). It's back to Sunday night dinners. Back to a weekly Glee night with Grandma. Back to working out (and losing weight) and going to yoga. Back to watching U of U games! Back to smothering my little nephews! Back to staring awestruck at Mt. Olympus. Back to shoveling a lot of snow. Back to movie nights with the Leslie's. Back to game nights with the Emetts. Back to the Utah Jazz. Back to nacho nights. Back to running at Wheeler Farm. Back to cycling with Heather. Back to cheese fries, rissotto cakes and green apple tofu. Back to feeling like myself again. Back to being happy.