Seth & The Bachelorette

One of the things I have learned while living in Boise and not having a ton of girlfriends at my disposal is how willing Seth is to watch shows that he would otherwise never watch. Case in point

Now, those of you that know me, know how much I looooove this show. It is my biggest guilty pleasure. This season we have been watching cute Ali search through some nice guys, and even more freak show guys.

Watching The Bachelorette with Seth has been hilarious. And I am so grateful to Seth for watching this with me. It really is a highlight of my week. Most days he mocks the show. Other days he gets so uncomfortable watching that he gets up to leave (and then asks me when he can come back and watch the rest with me). The best though, is listening to him mock the show. Example:

We all know Kasey as the guy that really wants to "guard and protect her heart". I could write an entire blog about Kasey - but I won't. He was such a good stupid character. He was the guy that sounded like a deaf Kermit the Frog. He was the guy that Ali wasn't into at all and he was dumb enough to get a tattoo to "prove" his love. This guy KILLED Seth. He mocked him for week after week. We all did. Seth would make up songs like Kasey too.

Another Example:

Chris lost his mom to cancer about a year ago. And lets just say that he talks about it - a lot. So Seth will proceed to use a fake crying voice while saying, "you should love me! My mom died, my dad died and my dog died." Etc..

Chris has been one of my favorites from day one though. I mean look at his t-shirt! He's great and I really hope he wins.

Then there was the "weatherman" who Seth mocked over and over for being a total pansy. Which he was - thank goodness he is gone. Stay tuned for the upcoming "Bachelor Pad" for more awesome Weatherman!

One guy in particular though, that has been a hot topic this season has been Frank.

From day one I really liked Frank. Maybe it's because he reminds me most of my friends, and the people I associate with. He and Ali were a great fit. They were obviously crazy about each other. They had fun together, they had a lot of chemistry together, etc. But sadly... Frank had issues.

Frank was always very insecure about his relationship with Ali. From day one he was the front runner. He was the one Ali obviously liked the most. Frank would have been a shoe in to win the show. However Frank couldn't help it - he freaked out on a regular basis. So much in fact that he ended up leaving the show - and leaving Ali looking like this -

This drove Seth crazy. He liked Frank too - and talked often about how he was the easy winner.

One night, during the middle of one of Frank's freak out sessions Seth said, "Man - Frank needs to stop being such a baby. Ali is obviously crazy about him. He needs to grow a pair and just be happy with her!

I remain silent with this "look" on my face. The following conversation then took place.

Seth: What is your deal?

Me: Are you serious? That was SO YOU! That was you for the first 4&1/2 years of our relationship! You were always freaking out. Always. I had to constantly reassure you!

Seth: (embarrassed) Shut up!

Me: Well it's true!

Seth: Ya, it's true but our relationship was different.

Me: Different because you were the woman in our relationship and I was the man in our relationship.

I do have to say that for years Seth was looking a lot like this -
... and this (while I was looking like this)

So let us remember dear friends that The Bachelorette is a guilty pleasure but it can also bring up some old issues. I am so glad the "insecure" phase of our relationship is over. Seth is much more fun when he is the "mocker" and not the "actor".

That may be a little mean but there is so much truth to this. I love Seth to death and I am so glad that we are settled, secure, happy and looking a lot like this. Mainly Seth looking hot and me looking happy.

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmmmm?

The last few weeks have been interesting and busy. I spent 4 days working the MS Bike Tour in Logan and saw a couple signs that made me go "Oh boy...."

First Example:

Really? Really small town Utah? Or should I say "Really sign maker?" Can't we have someone check for grammar before we make a sign for the world to see? I giggled and giggled over this one.

Second Example:

I really wanted to walk in and say, "Hey can I get a coke even if I am a Methodist?" This made me laugh - talk about wearing your religion on your sleeve (or should I say sign?)
Third Example:

Yes this car dealership exists in Boise. I like to think about the discussion that took place when trying to decide the name of this used car lot.

"Why don't we call it Reliable Bob's?"

"Well would that be misleading? I mean we will be selling USED cars which as we know aren't always too reliable."
"That's true. Ha ha ha, maybe we call it Fairly Reliable Bobs? Ha ha ha!"

"That's a genius idea!"

Final Example

Hey McCall, I have been turned off so many times from eating at this restaurant due to the name. Why not just say, "Hey come on in and have a bite, we'll make your big behind even bigger!"

Plus this just makes me think of "Stand By Me" when they start chanting "Lard ass lard ass lard ass!" to this kid...

That doesn't make you want to go to a restaurant very much does it?

More blogging to come - I have really slacked on the blogging lately. I apologize!