Feeling a Little Quesy

Sometimes it can be a little bit hard being married to a medical guy. I am the girl that hates seeing blood. I hate hearing medical horror stories (and trust me, Seth has plenty of them). I hate needles, I hate lumps and bumps. There is a reason I plan events for a living. I can't even watch certain surgical scenes on my favorite drama Grey's Anatomy.

It's a good thing I watch strictly for McDreamy and McSteamy.

(can you blame me!?)

This uneasiness can cause conflict between Seth and I because he likes talking about work. He likes telling me the gruesome stories of cutting out nasty abscesses. He likes telling me about stitches and smashed fingers, etc. I mean he works in a prison for crying out loud - he likes to tell me about it. Well unfortunately I just don't handle it well. Mid story I often get a little light headed, start to feel week and have to beg him to stop.
Enter last Friday. Seth and I finally found a primary doctor here in Boise. We made appointments just for annual physicals (annual for me, the first one Seth has had in probably 14 years). Things were going well until the doctor tells us, "Ok well I'll send my nurse in to draw some blood from each of you so we can do some tests."

Oh no ...

Guys I really hate needles. They freak me the hell out.
They don't really hurt - I know this. They just make me quesy. I automatically feel icky at this news. I look kind of like this kid but less cute and significantly less colorful.

Now let me just preface this by saying that I don't have a good track record with having blood taken. A couple of years ago I was getting blood drawn - it didn't hurt - I was busy trying to not focus on the blood and instead focus on the comics posted on the wall next to me. Next thing I know the nurses rush to me and say "Ok Becky you are pale, put your head between your legs. Oh here is a cold towel. Breathe! You aren't going to faint."

I didn't faint - but from that point on I ask to be lying down to get my blood taken.

Last year I had to get an endoscopy when I was having stomach problems. Easy enough procedure - but I had to get an IV for anethesia. The poor nurse helping me before. He puts the needle in my arm, it doesn't hurt. I figure I am in the clear (I never watch either). But then I make the mistake of looking at the needle in my arm - and again - start to shake, I start sweating and I get incredibly nauseaus. The nurse kept saying "Becky - you are ok. You are not going to throw up. Don't you throw up!" It passed and I calmed down....

See why I was wary when the doctor tells me he is going to take some blood?

The nurse comes in the room. Keep in mind Seth was there too. I offer to go first - because I know if I see Seth having blood taken it'll just make things worse! I tell the nurse I need to be laying on the bed. She ties the rubber band thing that I hate around my arm - I start sweating. She sticks in the needle - oh not so bad. That didn't hurt. Seth is talking to me and trying to keep me calm.

I so have this in the bag!

She finishes and ta-dah - I am fine! She wraps my arm. I sit up and move to the chair.

(No this is not me. This is just a girl. But I had that color of a bandage and I flexed my arm at Seth to show him how tough I am.)

I feel fine! Whoo hoo! I kicked it! I grew up!

Seth proceeds to get his blood taken. We both then get tetanus shots and head out to check out.

So there we are checking out. I am filling out paper work. It has been at least five minute since I have had my blood taken and I am feeling good.

Or so I thought.

I decided my arm wasn't bleeding so I unwrap it and continue filling out paper work.

And then it hits me -

I realize I feel really dizzy. The nurse looks up at me and says to Seth, "Help her sit down - quickly. She is going to faint!"

I proceed to sit on the floor in the hallway. 3 different nurses rush over. One with water, another with a throw-up bag, another just to rub my back. I have lost my color and I am sweating like crazy.

I continue to take deep breaths until it passes. During this time Seth is pretty much laughing at me.

I thought I kicked it - but I am wrong. The nurses tell me that some people's bodies just have this odd response when they have blood taken.

Oh brother.

I sent a text to my mom to tell her what happens and this was her response:

"Oh good Lord. They are going to have to put you out to have a baby!"
Whatever, I can deliver a baby - just don't come near me with an IV or an epidural!

(ps - I was going to put a picture of an epidural in this blog but I got too quesy looking for a picture on google)

Dear Grandpa

Dear Grandpa -

Today Seth and I woke up and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee. It was a perfectly sunny day and we decided it was time to fine tune our golf game. We headed over to the golf course - hit some balls (the only time I can prove to be a decent golfer - and always give you the credit). I practiced pitching and even practiced putting (still horrible at it). I bought a new golf glove and used the clubs you gave grandma. Oh and I even signed us up for golf lessons. It was good.

After golfing we stopped at the co-op for some Gelato. It was delicious and very Italian. Of course no golf can really be complete without a "cold adult beverage". We settled for a raspberry wheat beer that was "a mighty fine adult beverage".After wandering around trying to decide what to cook we settled on tortellini soup. It wasn't exactly what you made, this one had watercress and chicken stock with fresh parmesan. It was delicious. It was very light, very fresh and amazing. Good for you too!

Now we are watching sports. Seth actually was the one to say, "Your grandpa would be proud. This was his idea of a perfect day."

And it was - it really was. Sometimes I still miss you so much that it hurts. Today was one of those days. I'm sorry I never went golfing with you. I hope you are teaching me now though - maybe guiding a stray putt - or lightly correcting my swing. Every good shot I give credit where credit is due. To you.

I miss you today on my perfect Grandpa day. It was also a Sunday. Even better.

Love you Beetle.

I Need A Vacation

I realized today that I really need a vacation. Now some of you may say "Becky you just went on vacation - check out your last post!" Well as much as I do have a special place in my heart for the Ranch I need a little more. I want to go somewhere more exotic with no one but Seth in tow. I want to experience a new country, a new culture and new food. I have been spoiled the last couple of years with my Mediterranean cruise and then with my trip to Scotland. I officially have the travel bug for very far and expensive places. I need to shake things up a bit. Having The Bachelorette be the highlight of my week right now is not a good thing. Plus I need something awesome to look forward to. So here I have compiled the "Top 10 Vacation Spots for Becky". We'll start at the bottom and work up - here we go!

10. Cairo

I really want to go to Egypt. I have been a bit obsessed with Egypt since the 6th grade when we had a section on Egyptian studies. I want to see the remnants of what was a truly awe-inspiring and an advanced culture. I want to see the great pyramids - and I want to go to the Valley of the Kings and see the mummies and tombs. I want to see depictions of the great Nefertiti. I want to see the expanse of the Nile River. I am usually the girl that would much rather go somewhere rich with history and forget about hanging out on a beach (boring). It doesn't get more rich than Egypt. Seth has already been here (lucky guy) so that's the only reason it is on the bottom of the list.

9. Agra, India

India you say? Why hell yes! I want to go to India. I want to visit the Taj Mahal - a mausoleum built by an emperor on behalf of the wife he loved dearly and who died young. Oh and it happens to be the 8th wonder of the world. How romantic - and how beautiful. India is very exotic to me. The culture is vastly different, and the food is delicious. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. I would eat and eat at eat. I want to smell India and the different spices that I know permeate the air.

8. Phuket, Thailand

I had to throw one beach location to this list. Thailand. Oh man how I want to go to Thailand. Look how beautiful this is! I want to sit on this beach with Seth and eat Thai food constantly. Thailand is supposed to be one of the greatest countries to visit for a foodie. So yes Thailand please. All of the Thai people I have met in the states have been incredibly kind and I can only imagine how wonderful they are. Oh and lets throw in a ride on an elephant, just for kicks.

7. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of those European cities that not a lot of people have visited. Because it isn't your run of the mill tourist city it is still relatively cheap to visit. I really want to see this amazing capital city. I want to bathe in the thermal baths because it is afterall the "city of medicinal baths". I want to catch a glimpse of the ancient Roman culture there. I want to see the Royal Palace and the stunning Parliament building. Perhaps I will take in my first opera? Oh and I of course want to eat. Goulash anyone?

6. Santorini, Greece

How amazing does this look? The white buildings set against a brilliant blue ocean. Sigh - i feel relaxed just looking at it. Santorini is actually an island and famous partially for it's "active" volcano. Plus on my list this may be one of the more romantic vacation spots. It looks lovely. Of course Greek food is a plus. Santorini is known for its tomatoes! When can I leave?

5. London
Boring right? I bet half of you that read this have been to London. Well I haven't and I am dying to go. The main reason I want to go is for the history once again. I have read and learned so much about the history of England. I am fascinated by Henry the VIII and of course the great Elizabeth I. I want to see the Tower of London (I hear they have ghost tours here - so cool - maybe Anne Boleyn will make an appearance?) I want to see the old palaces. I want to shop of course (even though it is freaking expensive). I want to see Westminster Abbey. The list goes on and on. One thing I don't look forward to about visiting London is the food. Come on major European city - I have heard how crappy your food is. Work on that ok? Thanks.

4. Istanbul, Turkey

Ok lets shift to the Middle East. Turkey! I don't even know where to start. How cool would it be to visit Istanbul? I want to see this giant city that is once again so rich with culture and history. Monuments galore mark this city from the Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman Empires (whoa). I want to see the famous Blue Mosque. I want to once again bath in the famous baths while smoking hooka (what?). I want to shop in the bazaars and eat Turkish Delight.

3. Paris

Ah Paris. I can't believe I have yet to visit Paris. There are nonstop flights from Salt Lake to Paris and I have yet to go. What fascinates me about Paris is not just the Eiffel Tower, but the food. Duh. Seth and I would spend a fortune eating in Paris. I want to wander the streets and sit and watch people from small cafes. Other than eating of course is Notre Dame, the Louvre, Versailles, Arc de Triomphe,etc. I don't need to explain. I just need to go there. Now.

2. Dublin, Ireland

Oh man where to begin. Ireland is a dream. Not only does it look beautiful but Seth has family there. In fact, did you know, Seth's great grandfather owned a famous butcher shop in Ireland? Yes indeed! So famous in fact that it is mentioned by name in James Joyce's famous novel "Ulysses". I want to walk the streets, talk to the people and visit pubs. I want to go to Dublin castle. I want to visit the green countryside. I want to try and drink a Guinness. Oh and I want to go on a Viking tour - ha vikings.

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is no surprise. I have talked over and over about Prague in my blog (ha I rhymed). Prague is one of few European cities that remained relatively untouched during WWII. It's beautiful with it's red roofed buildings, the amazing river flowing through it, castles, culture, food, etc. Prague Castle is one of the biggest most ancient castles in the world. It is supposed to have thebest beer (more than Ireland and Germany). It also has amazing culture - and a big classical music presence. I just need to go. That's all there is to it. Seth and I really are trying to get there this year. Keep your fingers crossed.

Ok so if you could pack up and leave today - where would you go?

Death By Four-Wheeler - The Play by Play

Memorial weekend in my family means trips to the Ranch - an amazing piece of property that my aunt Keri and uncle Rick own. The ranch is just about 20 minutes from Zion National Park, one of the most beautiful places in the world in my opinion. Seth and I decided to take 2 airplanes and drive a total of 10 hours to be at our annual family trip. Trips to the ranch include paint balling, riding 4-wheelers, playing lots of board games, golf cart rides hunting for "Big Butt" and movie watching. This trip was no exception. Overall it was an amazing trip - but it certainly got off to the wrong start.

We pulled up to the ranch on Friday afternoon. I got out of the car, took a deep breath and enjoyed the beautiful view. Ahhhhhhhh, the ranch.

Within minutes Rick comes driving up on his new toy, a 2 person four-wheeler. The ranch has 2 of them already but this one certainly was a new level of "bad ass". Rick enthusiastically says, "Wanna go for a ride? Hop on!" So I do.

Let me preface this story by saying that Rick is a kid at heart. No one is more fun to goof off with. My memories of Rick include him taking me home after babysitting his kids, on his motorcycle, while singing Boy George songs. Other memories include trips to Disney World where the two of us went on the Tower of Terror about 10 times in a row. I also think of Vegas and 4 days in Disneyland with the old Christmas Box House gang where I consumed far too many churros. He has brought a lot of fun and exciting times into my life.

Moving on -

I hop on the ATV and Rick takes off.

Now when I drive I am very slow (too slow) and cautiously. Rick on the other hand feels much more confident and likes to drive a little crazy. Within seconds on the vehicle I was white knuckled and nervous, but laughing. Rick then says to me, "Lets go jumping."


Oh no no no...

Trying to be the cool niece that I am I say "Ok!"

Now the "jump" used to be a small bump in a flat dirt path. But when he said "jumping" he really meant "jumping". We go flying off the edge of this big hill that I have never driven an ATV on and I swear I almost peed my pants. I gripped the handles and closed my eyes, preparing for the worst. But we landed just fine, and I laughed. Rick turns around and flies back up the hill. We catch a little bit of air - and I was scared, my eyes were once again closed, but we once again landed. I started to relax and realize "Oh Becky calm down, you are going to be just fine."

And then we decide to take one more jump...

(enter ominous music)

Rick turns the four-wheeler around and we are on our way back to jump down the hill. We hit the top of the hill at high speeds -

catch more air than the last jump...

The back wheels hit the hill and catapults me out of my seat!

My legs fly off the ATV -
My left foot kicks Rick in the head -

and I am mid air -

Yes this is a real picture of me in mid- air. Just go with it.

This is my brave stunt double reenacting the mid-air flight.

I do a flip in the air and land right on my tail bone.

The next thing I know I am eating dirt and sliding through the bushes. When I finally stop I think to myself "Oh no, I broke my tail bone." and I lie there without moving.

I hear Rick come to a quick stop on the ATV - I hear him jump off and say "Oh no oh no! Oh my gosh Becky are you ok!?"
I respond "It's ok, I am ok. I just need a minute"

I then look to the left and my shoe is right next to my head. It is then I realize I have lost a shoe in the accident. Let me just say it wasn't just a slip on, I was wearing my running shoes, and they were laced tightly on my feet.

I say to Rick "How did my shoe get there?" and start laughing - but it hurt.

About a minute later I hear another ATV driving up to
us. I ask Rick who it is and he says "It's Seth."

Oh good. Seth. He'll know what to do. He's a PA. He'll take care of me.

I have visions of Seth jumping off his four-wheeler and running up to me in a panic - rescuing me from my pain and sorrows.

Instead he pulls up and starts laughing.


I guess he saw me laughing and figured I was ok.

After a minute I catch my breath and Rick slowly pulls me to my feet.

Oh man my lower back and my butt are just screaming. My pants are ripped covered in grass stains. My arms and legs are scratched and I am covered in dirt. Completely covered in dirt.

I slowly make it back onto the four-wheeler and get a ride back up to the house where I proceed to sit on frozen hash browns and pop the IBU.

I was in a lot of pain that night and for much of the weekend. Each day I feel better and I actually was able to run 4 miles today so I'll be just fine.

But I do have to say my right butt cheek is covered in about 5-6 bruises that have changed from yellow, to green to blue and now black in color.

This was not captured in the reenactment - I know you must be disappointed.

And that is how I nearly died at The Ranch and created yet another memory with my uncle Rick. :)

The End.