Don't Judge A Morning Too Quickly

This morning started out like every other morning. I was running a little late but willing myself to be on time to work. I ran downstairs to get my coffee ready. I poured an entire thermos, added cream and sugar, went to put on the lid and knocked over the entire thing. It spilled all over my kitchen. Much profanity came spewing from my lips as I scrambled to clean it up.

Coffee was clearly going to win this morning.

Becky: 0
Coffee: 1

This coffee was everywhere! Under my cannisters, all over the floor, all over my countertops, all over my toasters, etc. I even opened some draws to discover it had spilled into my towel drawer and soaked some towels. It spilled into my cabinet and got a bunch of tupperware wet. Somehow in the process of cleaning up I had giant wet spots on my white dress shirt. My feet were sticky from walking through it - etc. You get the idea.

Well once I finished cleaning up it was too late to make some more (plus I am now out of my favorite creamer) so I decided to drive through the little Mocha Moose coffee shack right in the same parking lot as our townhomes. No biggie right?

Wrong. I go to turn into the line and a lady in an Escalade cuts me off, and gets in line in front of me. Now in her defense I will say, she realized she cut me off and gave me a very apologetic smile. Me? I smiled back but in a "I hate you" kind of way. I get in line and turn off my car. It's clear I will be even more late to work now.

Becky: 0
Coffee: 2

Next thing I know 2 women walk across the street and walk up to the other side of the coffee shack to order coffee. This just plain pisses me off. They are called drive-throughs for a reason people. You want coffee? Get in your car and drive through like the rest of us. Now I don't have 1 person in line in front of me, I now have 3.

Becky: 0
Coffee: 4

By the time I get up to the window I am pretty much fuming. The nice guy in the shack who knows me enough to say "Skinny vanilla latte coming right up!" I obviously am a fairly frequent customer. Anyway I pull up and he says "So the lady in front of you is one of my regulars. She feels really terrible for cutting you off to get in line. She bought you a coffee."

Becky: 5
Coffee: 4

Yep. There are a couple of lessons to be learned here:

1. It's pointless to get your panties in a twist about something as little as being cut off in the coffee line.

2. People in Boise are just super nice.

3. I am going to burn in hell for giving said nice lady an "I hate you" smile.

4. Don't judge a morning too quickly. It may start out like crap - but could turn in an instant.

It's Event Week

Sorry for my lack of blogging. It's event week. Which means there is a hell of a lot of this . . .

And this...

(notice how dirty my car is)

And even more of this - which I will be loading with 2 other girls today at 4:00 into a giant truck I will be forced to drive...

Event week means me feeling a whole lot like this...

And and even more like this...

Luckily I have this view to drive away from every night (lovely view of the freeway from my office window)

And this view to drive home to every night

Tomorrow at 2:00 I am going to go home, after what I am sure will be a successful Boise MS Walk - and will take a big fat nap.

Then, it's Jazz playoff time! Woot woot!
I'll be back with a blog with more substance next week. Until then - AAAAAAHHHHH!

Things That Should Be Said

Ta-da! I told you this blog would come. I was once again driving home from Salt Lake and doing a lot of thinking. I realized that if I am going to be happy in Boise - I have to just be happy. I have to change my mindset around it. This week I have tried to look at things differently and I already feel better. I wasn't hating it by any means but it has been an adjustment for sure. So, thank you for patience with my "freak out blogs". Here is the positive twist on my "Things that need to be said" blog. I now present "Things that should be said"

Dear IRS: Thank you for giving us an enormous tax return. We really appreciate it. It was nice to pay off my credit card debt (adios wedding debt!) Thanks to you we now will have a better shot at a decent loan for a house.

Dear Spring: Man it is good to see you again. I know that I usually dread when you come because that means that Summer is just around the corner. This year however I have loved you. I love the blossoms blooming down Harrison street. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. I love hearing the birds chirp in the morning. And surprisingly enough I am looking forward to summer. Boise just comes alive in the summer and I am looking forward to it.

Dear iPhone: I waited far too long to get you. You have changed my life. I love that I can check facebook even more compulsively than I did before I had you. I love that my ring sounds like a demented robot. I love the pictures i can take with you and the funny apps that I have now. I love that I can listen to Pandora on my long drives home from Boise and be happy to listen to my "broadway station". You have been good to me. I love you.
Dear George Clooney: Seriously, what is it with you? Why you gotta be so damn attractive? First, I want to thank you for starring in "Up In The Air" - which I think may be the greatest movie I have seen in a year. Second, I want to thank you for being hot. Third, thanks for being an all around cool guy. Seriously, you are a cool guy. You just are. Can I come and stay with you in Italy? I may not be as hot as your Italian model girlfriends but I am close. Right? Oh wait....

Dear Harry Potter: Well Seth and I finished reading book 7. I nearly couldn't read to him toward the end I was crying so hard. Thank you for giving me nearly 10 years of reading and viewing pleasure. Thank you also to Jim Dale for narrating the greatest books on tape ever! Oh and I can't wait for the first 1/2 of the 7th movie. Seth and I started reading book 1 again and I have to say - you are hilarious. I love Harry Potter. If you haven't read the books - I may smack you upside the head (my sassy personality is bound to sneak in here). Read the books! That is all.

Dear Costa Vida: You have been there for me on my hardest days in Boise so I simply must say thank you to you. Oh and thanks for actually offering a small salad. It is genius! Why can't Cafe Rio follow your lead? A small salad is the perfect portion. Well done! Thanks for being in Boise! You may not be quite as good as the rio, but I still appreciate you.
Dear Big Earrings: Lately I have been walking by coffee shops, noticing how cute some girls are dressed and then it dawned on me - I need big earrings. So I got some. I think big earrings are great and they really just complete an outfit. Don't you think?

Dear Sex and the City: Have I ever blogged about you? I am not sure if I have ever expressed how amazing you are. I know you can be raunchy, but you have so much heart. The other night I was watching the episode where Mr. Big moves to Napa and Miranda has her baby - and it was just so good. I have probably seen you about 10-15 times but you are so good. It's like watching my old friends. You also have helped me through some tough times. And for that I love you.

Dear Yellow Shoes: You have been the best purchase in months. I can wear a pair of jeans, put you on and feel so much sexier. I love you for that. Steve Madden, you may be dead to me now. These are so much hotter than your shoes!

Ok I must stop! See how happy I am?