The Parting of Ways

Well - I am here to announce that there may be a parting of ways. I can't do it anymore. I love you yoga but I am not sure you and I are meant to be together anymore. I know that in the past you have helped me manage my weight, my headaches, my stress, and have helped me see less injuries in running. But I simply can't do it anymore.


You know why.

There are way too many horrible yoga teachers. And I can't sit through another bad yoga class.

Things have been OK in Boise since I moved here, but they haven't been great. I realized this week that a large part of this may be because I haven't gone to yoga. Yoga for me is like a breath of fresh air. It's nearly as satisfying as a good massage. Yoga can take me from a really hard and bad day and help me feel better. Yoga can force me to confront emotions that I have been pushing to the back of my mind. In a nutshell - it's my place to find a little serenity.

So this morning I woke up - feeling motivated - and happy - the sun was shining, yada yada yada.

I made my way over to the YMCA to try out an "all-levels yoga" class.

I paid $40 for a 4 class pass (thanks to stupid Gold's Gym I can't go there for yoga and I can't join the YMCA) and made my way to the yoga studio.

I should have known - as soon as I saw the teacher I should have known that this was going to turn out to be a bad idea.

Guys - I don't want an overweight yoga teacher. I know that sounds terrible. But I want a ripped yoga teacher. During my class I want to look at someone who makes me think "OK , I know you are tired but if you keep it up - you will look like her!"

I don't want to do yoga from a lady who looks like a cross between this...

and this...

(I am going to burn in hell)

The class was TERRIBLE. I mean, terrible. There was no breathing, no music, no flow between poses. There was no meditation, no relaxation, nothing. In fact, I think we did maybe 5 poses in the 1 hour and 15 minute class.

"In order to get full benefits from shoulder stand pose, you need to remain in it for 10 minutes."

10 minutes? You are joking me right?


Not only were the poses bad but humpty was a mean yoga teacher. I mean - MEAN. "Wrong leg, I said start with your right leg back!"
"You aren't staying in the pose long enough. Get back in it!"
"You don't think you can do it? Well think again!"

What? Who does that!?

One of the things I have always loved about yoga is the sense that you will benefit - no matter what level you are at. There is never a sense of competition, etc.

Mean yoga teacher didn't even do any of the poses herself. It was really odd.

So here I am 12:30 on a Saturday, and I am pissed. Like really pissed. All I wanted and needed was a yoga class to help rejuvenate me. Instead I left class disappointed and nearly in tears. Not only did I waste my time, I wasted a possible 500+ calorie burning run.

Because like I said, it's 12:30 and I am NOT going to go running now.

And this is why yoga and I may need to part ways. I was very spoiled in Salt Lake with Micah - and I don't know if I will ever be able to find a teacher as good as she is.

Sad. All I need is a little yoga-peace. You know?

Things I Feel Need To Be Said

Some things I really wish I could say to people's faces. Since I can't, I'll say them here. I think it is therapy to just put it out there. So, enjoy!

"Hey Izzie Stevens - don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. Your character sucked the last few seasons. It's about time you go. Hey, can you take Chief Weber with you?"

"Hey Pro-life people. It's ok, I get it. I get that you don't like abortion. I am ok with that. What I am not ok with, is you making death threats to Senators who are pro-choice. Don't you see the hypocrisy in that? You don't? Hum."

"Hey Jake. Remember how you are lame? Remember how you picked Vienna? Remember how you thought being on Dancing with the Stars was a good idea? Well it wasn't. Go away."

"Hey Sarah Palin - see your face? Ya, why don't you shut it? I don't need to say anymore."

"Hey prisoners. Back off my man. He's doing everything he can to help you. Don't call him a fu*** as***** again or you will mess with me. I'll mess you up! You heard me, I'll mess you up!"

"Hey Boise Drivers - just because the speed limit is 55 does not mean that you need to go 50. It means you should go at least 65. Just thought I would fill you in on how the rest of the world drives."
"Hey Gold's Gym. I don't want to be a member anymore. I would rather go to the YMCA with Seth. Not only do I not want to pay $200 to cancel my membership, I certainly don't want to pay $50 to transfer it to Boise. Eat it!"
"Hey Lunatic Fringe - how dare you charge me $125 for a 21-year-old girl to spend 3&1/2 hours on my hair. Never coming to your salon again. Geesh!"

"Hey Becky - why don't you just relax and get a better attitude?"

I'm working on it. Next post will be a happy version of this one. Now off to Costa Vida for a sure-way to cheer myself up.


Last night was a good night.

Prepare yourself for a political blog. Many of you will not agree with what I am about to say. But I am going to say it anyway.

Cause that's how I am.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

I was glued to my iPhone on my 5 hour drive to Boise last night. Thanks to my awesome husband for this awesome gift by the way.

I was waiting for hours to see if the House would finally pass Health Reform.

And they did!!!

Finally! After over a year of hard work it passed. Kudos to Obama for not giving up and continuing to push this through.

It's impossible to say what this will mean for our country in the long run. It's hard to say how effective this reform will be. We may not know for years to come.

But what I do know is this: it's about damn time.

Thanks to this bill, and to over a year of hard work from my man, Obama, people with pre-existing conditions will no longer be denied health insurance.

That means my good friend Nate, who has been a diabetic since he was a kid, will no longer have to pay nearly $2,000 out of pocket for his meds every month. He'll finally have health insurance.

This means that the many families (my own included) who have been plagued with over a million dollars of debt, due to their child's cancer, or illness, will now have insurance.

This means that the wonderful people I have met who are suffering from MS - will not be denied insurance because of their condition.

Seriously. We live in America and it's about time we take care of our people.

Now I know this isn't cheap. However, I am willing to pay for it.

Seth and I may officially be in the tax bracket that will be taxed for this. But you know what? I think it's great. I am happy to have more money taken out of my pay check so that my friends can have health insurance. I am happy to pay some money so that my dad won't have to pay $1,200 a MONTH to buy insurance for his family.

I believe that in the long run, we will see some serious benefits from this.

Now don't get all "we live in a communist society" on me. I know that my three favorite people (and by favorite I mean "least favorite") people will be preaching end of the world to you for months and months.....

This isn't the end of the world. This is a good thing. A very good thing. This is a good step and a much needed step. This is the biggest social reform bill that I may ever see in my lifetime.

I screamed and clapped (and then cried) when the news came across my iPhone last night.

I am thrilled - and I hope some of you are too!

Way to go Democrats - way to get this done!

Just Enjoying Life!

Well lesson learned! My last blog post was a bit depressing and I didn't get one comment. Well, from now on I will try and focus on more positive/witty posts. I apologize for that.

This week I am feeling better. I am starting to feel like I am getting my head above water at work. The house is in order - and Seth and I are trying to make it through the stresses. Today I am wearing yellow - which makes me happy. A psychic told me that yellow is MY color and that I should wear it often. Hum. I can't help but wonder why a psychic would talk to me about good colors for me?

I apologize for being so down - and hopefully I have moved out of my funk!

Now - onto the real reason for my blog.

Those of you who know Seth know that one of his favorite expressions is, "I am just enjoying my time." or "I am just enjoying life!"
These sentences usually come up when I get on him for being 15 minutes late to dinner. "Honey I didn't want to leave. Why should anyone be upset if I am late? I am just enjoying my time!"
Seth is really big into enjoying his time. It's true. I think he enjoys his time more than anyone I know.

I am pretty sure that in my wedding vows I promised to let him enjoy his time. So far I think I have failed several times.
Ok a lot.
Sorry honey.
The latest discussion of Seth enjoying his time has stemmed from the fact that Seth wakes up over an hour earlier than I do. This would normally not be a big deal. The master bathroom has a door so he can go in - shut the door and get ready - all while I stay asleep.



Emily, Timms, Mom & Wally (as well as any other former roommates of Seth) can attest to Seth's morning version of "enjoying his time". When Seth is happy he sighs loudly - in a happy way - not an annoyed way. The following scenario plays out every morning.

Seth goes to the bathroom: "Ahhhhhhhhhhh"

Seth steps in the shower: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Seth gets out of the shower: "Ahhhhhhhhhhh........... phewwwwwwwwww"

Seth brushes his teeth: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
You get the idea.

Now also include random whistling, singing of various rock ballads, and loud stretching noises - and you get the idea even more!

Sleeping an extra hour while Seth is getting ready. Ha! Right!

I brought this up to Seth the other night and he gave me his usual speech, "Honey! I am just enjoying my time. I am loving life. Don't you want me to love my life?"
I of course retorted, "Not if it interfers with ME loving love and enjoying my time - by sleeping."

I am a mean wife......

But I have been able to sleep in the morning a bit easier since this conversation.

I do love Seth. I love how much he simply "enjoys his time"

I hope to enjoy as much time with him as I can.

My Life As An Employed Girl

Well my time unemployed lasted an entire week! I was so happy to get the job with the MS Society. I started just over two weeks ago. Starting a new job is never easy but this adjustment has seemed to be even harder than usual. I think it's because everything in my life is new right now. New city, new house, new job, new name, etc. And while I am happy to have this job I have to admit - I feel incredibly overwhelmed. In this position I will be planning 4 different walks, and a 2-day bike tour. Perfect for me really - but really overwhelming . .

I am very excited to plan these events. I think it is a great way to get to know the state of Idaho. It's a great way to get to know the community and to really jump in and get my feet wet. I am a fairly new cyclist so the bike tour is the most appealing to me.

However I do have to say that I feel like my life is spinning out of control. I sit for hours at work every day and wonder not only WHEN I am going to respond to the 110 emails sitting in my inbox - but HOW. I have so much still to learn, to navigate and to figure out about this job before I can do anything. I also panic because my first walk - and my biggest walk (2,000 walkers)- is in less than 6 weeks. The girl before me wasn't organized in the same way I am used to. I can't find an event binder from last year's walk - etc. So everything takes a long time. Plus, did I mention that my supervisor offices in Montana? And that my boss offices in Wyoming? Yep. I can't just walk down the hall and ask a million questions. I have one coworker (who i love) but that's it. And she is in charge of programs, not fundraising.

Home isn't much better. I can't find my bills to pay in my messy office. I can't even get my stupid lap top to hook up to our new printer (I don't have administrative rights). Which means I can't scan my Salt Lake Olympic pictures and write a fun and witty blog about my winter olympic experience. Trust me - meeting Conan, getting hit on by Pat O'Brien -

and lunching stories with Scott Hamilton would have made for a mighty fine blog. But NO! I refused to do it if I couldn't attach my pictures. It just pissed me off too much.

This is the new story of my life. Even the simple tasks have become too much for Becky.

Another sad thing right now is the absence of Cafe Rio in my life. Luckily Boise does have Costa Vida here but it just isn't as good - plus it takes me 20 minutes to get there, 20 minutes to get back, etc. I just really miss my pork salad....

Some days the highlight of my work day is commuting to Costa Vida and then eating their version of this perfection. It shouldn't make me feel better, but it does. Who says I am an emotional eater huh!?

By the time I get home at night I am exhausted. Mentally exhausted and feeling completely overwhelmed. I find myself not wanting to exercise - cook dinner - do laundry - or organize our office. All I want to do is sleep and watch tv - and sister - that ain't good.

Seth is feeling it too. I realize that I am not the one that works in a prison and has to deal with guys that look like this every day- and for that I am grateful!

He is working long hours and trying to keep afloat as well. He has crazy patients that pester him for narcotics - which he doesn't give into (love you babe!) and he has do look at really nasty STDs on really big scary guys -and I am complaining about a lack of an event binder!?

Perspective Becky, perspective!

Was moving to Boise a bad decision? Not at all. I am happy we are here. I know that work will get better for both of us and that soon we will be settled into a routine.

Until then - one thing I keep dwelling on? The fact that my #1 on the top five hot celebrity list is now filming with my #1 girl crush - and this makes me smile.