The Forgetful One

Last night Seth and I went over to our friend's house to watch a movie. We rented "Funny People". I won't say much about the movie - but it was LOOOOONG! Two and half hours for a mediocre movie is just too much. It did have it's funny moments though.

When the movie FINALLY ended I was ready to go home. It was around 11:00 and I was tired and ready to go to bed. So, as usual, I get off the couch and say "Come on babe, lets go."

And as usual, Seth stays sitting on the couch and doesn't move.

I proceed to put on my shoes, put on my coat and grab my purse.

Seth still doesn't move.

This happens EVERY TIME we watch a movie at a friend's. I am ready to go, sometimes out the door, and he hasn't even stood up yet. I have to drag him out. Usually he is just tired and lazy.

So I say to Seth, "Can you pleeeeease just get up? Can we not do this tonight?" Obviously I was grouchy and tired.

Seth proceeds to jump up and spends the next 4-5 minutes saying something like this....

"You never have to wait for me! What are you talking about!? Look how fast I can get ready (puts on his coat) see.... I'm ready! Done! Come on, lets go! Man you are such a slave driver....I am totally ready. Wow- that didn't take me long at all..."

You get the idea.

Britney & Sean were laughing, Seth was laughing, I was laughing (and rolling my eyes).

We get in the car and start our drive home. Seth is going off about how I make a big deal out of this. It OBVIOUSLY doesn't take him long to put on his shoes and coat, he can be ready to go in seconds...blah blah blah....

Next thing we know, my cell phone rings. Right when I answer I hear "Seth forgot his phone, wallet and keys" just as Seth simultaneously says, "Oh, I left my phone."

Obviously getting ready to go home that quickly was just TOO difficult for Seth to handle.

I turned my car around, annoyed, but laughing hysterically because I just proved my point.

Seth laughed so hard that he almost threw up. You know Seth's high pitched laugh? Yep, that one, a lot of it.

After he got his wallet, keys and phone (thanks Brit for walking it out to us...because if he walked inside I would have sat in your driveway for 10 minutes) Seth says to me, "Are you SURE that you really love me?"

Yep - I do. If I had $1 for every time you left your phone, keys or wallet somewhere, I would be a rich woman.

Mio Nonno - Beetle

Mio Nonno - my grandfather.

On Friday my sweet Italian grandpa would have turned 81 years old. We lost him in August of 2008 and while I always miss him, I miss him most during the holidays. I feel an actual pain inside my chest because I miss him so much. It's interesting how "empty" the pain feels, as if my body knows how much it hurts to have such a void in my life.

I love my grandpa and have found that in the time since he has been gone, I talk to him a lot. When I pray I often talk to Grandpa. I find a bit of peace knowing that he is always near by. I feel that he has been around to watch over me. My cousin dreamed about him shortly after he passed away. In the dream he said to her (sorry Jenna if this isn't totally accurate) "Death is just like being in the next room. I am all around you." I believe this - and feel this often.

Last Thanksgiving we honored Grandpa as a family. We went to his grave and released balloons in his honor. We also went to a driving range and hit a few balls for him. No one loved golf quite like my Nonno.
This year we aren't doing anything as a family to honor grandpa. I know we will all recognize him in our own ways though. We are all going our seperate ways this Thanksgiving. However, I wanted to do something to remember my Beetle. Shortly after he died I spent a lot of time writing in my journal about him. I am going to share part of what I wrote today. To help all of us who knew and loved him remember him, and be grateful for the time we had with him on this Thanksgiving holiday.

September 14, 2008

I still can't believe he is gone. My heart aches for him, my grandma, Keri, Lori and mom. It hurts knowing that my children will never meet him. I'll miss his constant presence. I'll miss his cooking, and yelling "Get out of my kitchen!" I'll miss hearing him say "Come over here and get a little pasta Beck." Christmas Eve, my favorite day of the year, will never be the same without him and his cooking. I'll miss his wheezy laugh, naughty jokes, and his "now that's a fine beverage" comments. I'll miss him on election night and know how excited he would have been if Obama wins (and how furious he would be if McCain wins). I'll think of him during my golf tournaments. I'll miss seeting tears in his eyes and his big red nose at all of the important events in my life. I am so grateful he saw my graduation and my wedding. I'll think of him when I see Budweiser commercials and at the U of U football games. I'll think of him while eating pasta and visiting Italy.

I'll never forget the lessons he taught me. To be compassionate to those less fortunate and to be tolerant of those that are different. I'll remember to respect other's opinions and believes but will always offer mine. Grandpa taught me that being a good person doesn't mean that you have to be a "religious" person. He was loved and respected by all that he knew. He lived life to the fullest. He worked hard, he played hard and above all, he loved his family. Oh how lucky I am to have had 27 years with him. I love you Beetle.

Update: No More Freezing Babies

Ok, so who would have thought that 4 months ago Seth and I would STILL be living in my parent's basement? We sure didn't! I do have to say that living at home has been a journey. Mom and Wally have been really good to us. Everytime I feel it starts to get hard things like Saturday morning happen. Seth and I are in bed when we hear my mom outside my door "Who wants some hootenany pancakes for breakfast?"

Awesome breakfasts are a perk of living at home. As are awesome dinners, snacks, etc. Love you momma!

Although living in our own place would be ideal I am THANKFUL (it is Thanksgiving week afterall) that we have a lovely place to stay.

We have had some progress in the job hunt though. I am getting a lot of questions again about where we are at, so here you go. PLEASE do me a favor and don't share any of this with my boss, or she will continue asking me when she can post my job opening. HELLO! I don't even know if I am leaving yet. Arrrghh! So here are our options, in no particular order.

1. Tacoma - Seth has officially been offered a position in Tacoma. It was a very generous offer and we are excited at the thought of living there. Perks: Good pay, great location, near Seattle, I could find a nonprofit job there, did I mention near Seattle? Seriously though, how amazing is Gig Harbor? That is where the hospital is and this is where we would live. I think I'm in love.

Another great thing about Gig Harbor is that it is the perfect location for me to open up a children's bookstore, which is my dream. It's a ritzy place, lots of tourists and therefore perfect for my "Shop Around the Corner" esque bookstore.

The not so great things about this job: it's in ortho which Seth isn't too hyped on, we couldn't start until the end of January, which is a long time, it's near Tacoma (ghetto), rain (bad for Seth, perk for me), and an expensive cost of living. So there is Tacoma!

2. Salt Lake City - What what!? Salt Lake City? Becky and Seth may stay here? Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's true. We MIGHT stay in Utah. Seth had a 2nd interview at the Bone Marrow Clinic at LDS Hospital last week. Apparently they really liked him. Perks of staying here: Duh...seriously. It's obvious. Friends,

Oh and one of the biggest perks for Utah...we could move out as soon as we get the job (could be in a week?) Yeah! I have this thing about wanting to have our own house and Christmas tree for our first Christmas. I am making this a big deal! Moving out right away would be awesome. Also this job is the closest to what Seth wants to do for work.
Seth says to me a couple weeks ago, "You know, staying here wouldn't be so bad. All of our friends are here, all of our family is here, you have a great job, and we have a house here."
Me: Seriously? Yep. What part of "I have been telling you this for 2 years don't you understand?" That's why I love Seth though.

So the bad things about staying in Utah? Well, we were really excited thinking that we may move away. I think it would be an adventure. Also, the pay will be less here. I hate winter inversion, I hate the crazy politics, I hate the heat in the summer, and yep...that's about it.

3. Corvallis - Ok so Corvallis put us off for a month. I was begining to kind of hate them. Now however, we found out why. Seth didn't get the job there that he applied for. They offered it to another girl and they were waiting for an answer from her. HOWEVER...they love Seth. They were really impressed with him and asked if he would be interested in a general surgery or an urgent care position. Sure! Why not? We love Corvallis. Perks....Corvallis. We've discussed this right?

Not so good things about Corvallis: The timing! They better get moving on this. Maybe not the ideal job for Seth? Oh, they don't have a Target. There, I said it. I am not sure I can live without a Target!

Ok, so those are our options right now. Tacoma is on hold, we are crossing our fingers for LDS hospital and we'll see if Corvallis can get its butt into gear.
However, we did say NO to Minnesota. Sigh. I liked Minnesota. They offered the job, but it wasn't for nearly as much as Tacoma. I'll miss wearing my vikins hat, I'll miss the thought of working for Make-A-Wish there. But it's for the best. Plus, it is butt-ass cold there.
In the words of my mother, "Are you sure you want to move to Minnesota!? Your babies would freeze there!"
Phew - freezing babies? Crisis AVERTED!

Stay tuned for a blog about Grandpa. Who I am missing so much this week it hurts.

A Love Letter to Johnny

I heard the best news today.

My dear boyfriend Johnny Depp has once again been deemed the Sexiest Man Alive!

Woot woot!

I mean, is this really a surprise? He should win every year.

Oh what I would give to be that guitar on Johnny's lap right now.

What? Was that outloud?

Sorry - I can't help myself I mean....really....
Dear Johnny,
You stole my heart nearly 10 years ago. I love you for the bad boy you used to be, and for the cute dad you are now. I love you for owning your own island and for always playing unique and crazy characters. I love you for the "rebel" you still are. I also find you incredibly sexy, in a dirty way. Dirty as in "you haven't had a shower for a week". But I still love you. Always have, always will. You will always be my #1 on the top 5.



This leads me to another topic. The top 5. This is very important. You should establish yours. Here is my current top 5.

1. Johhny - obviously.

2. Daniel Craig - seriously. The picture of him in his swimsuit was too obvious. This is hot.

3. George Clooney - next to Johnny, the longest standing top 5er.

4. Clive Owen - maybe it's the accent? Rarrrrr!

5. Robert Downey Jr. - the real "bad boy" of the list. I love him. What can I say?

Ok, who is your top 5? Also, I would like to apologize to my dear Seth if he happens to read this (he probably won't). This list in no way diminishes my love for you babe. Just sayin... You are my real #1 (cheesy?)

My Little Sis- The Cancer Survivor!

One of the great things about working for Make-A-Wish is catching up with our wish kids, years after their wishes are granted. I recently wrote this for the Make-A-Wish blog about my little sister Ali. It's funny - I am her sister but am surprised by how far removed I felt from this entire cancer experience. I was 18, living up in Logan and certainly in my own world.

Now, years later, I am finally starting to understand the toll this took on our family. Working at Make-A-Wish I see dozens of families struggle and suffer through their children's illnesses. It's interesting to take step back and realize, my family went through this as well. I know that these families will do everything that they can to help their child. They will do whatever they can to ease the pain and to bring some normalcy back into their lives. I am amazed at the outlook on life that they have as families. Even after losing a child I often hear how lucky they feel. The children are also amazing. They handle cancer and illness with such courage. They have so much clarity, so much joy, and so much hope, amid so much sorrow. They amaze me.
I now fully understand how LUCKY we are to still have Ali around. This post is for her, for her strength, her health, and for her goofy personality. Love you Ali!

In 2000, sweet 4-year-old Ali, a beautiful girl with long curly blond hair, was a happy, care-free little girl. Her carefree path through childhood was filled with Barney, baby dolls, princesses, and The Little Mermaid. Things changed quickly when her parents noticed her right eye was drooping. They took her to the doctor and were devastated to hear that she had Rhabdomyosarcoma, a fast growing, highly malignant tumor. The tumor was growing behind her right eye, which was causing the drooping. Unfortunately, the doctors were unable to remove the entire tumor without having to also remove Ali’s eye and eye socket. Her parents chose instead to try an experimental chemotherapy treatment and radiation. Every week for one year, Ali received chemotherapy. She also received 40 days of radiation. She was a sick girl but refused to take her pain medication because then she would be “too sick to play.” When she would visit the hospital for her treatments she would often bring toys and gifts for the “really sick kids” in the hospital. She felt invincible, in a way.

During her treatments Ali had the chance to have a wish granted from the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Utah! When she met with her wish granting volunteers, Ali first wished at first to go to Jerusalem to see where Jesus lived. Then she wished to go on a Disney Cruise. Within a couple of days, however, she had changed her mind and asked if she could have a computer instead because it would be "something she could have forever…and play with every day." She also wondered if she could have a touch-screen computer because she couldn't read well enough to understand all the writing.

Ali's Wish Granters went to work immediately to design an idyllic wish for a five-year-old little girl. They found a purple chair, a matching telephone, an Ali-sized computer desk, a Barbie digital camera, a scanner, and lots of fun software. And they designed the perfect wish day.

The magic began when Ali was taken by limo to Guadalahonky's (her favorite restaurant) for a celebration meal with friends and family. Arriving back at the house, Ali became a "wish princess" for the day with her own special crown and a beautiful wrist corsage. Her wish granters had laid on the floor a "wish path" that Ali had to follow, picking up small treasures like candies and toys on the way. Her bedroom was at the end of the trail, and when Ali saw what awaited her and touched the screen for the first time, she shrieked with delight. She was totally mesmerized by her computer.

Ali’s wish was more than just a piece of technology, it was a chance to escape her world of doctors and treatments and enter a world of imagination. She and her sister Michelle spent hours and hours playing on the computer. Ali exclaimed, "It's like magic. I feel like I'm right there under the water with Ariel." Her mom told us, "I realized that Make-A-Wish truly accomplished what it set out to accomplish. It took her out of a doctor's world and back into a little girl's world."
Ali is no longer a little girl. She is a beautiful 13-year-old teenager. She is in the 8th grade but is actually ahead of her grade academically. She enjoys school, reading and hanging out with her friends. Ali also loves to travel and is lucky to go on lots of vacations with her family (including Europe!)

Ali has been in remission for 8 years, although she will never fully be risk free. She has had a total of 12 surgeries since her diagnosis. During her cancer treatment Ali lost all of the vision in her right eye. Luckily, she has since received a new lens, reconstructive surgery on her eyelid and now has 20/20 vision. It is no surprise that ally wants to be an eye doctor when she grows up. That way, she can help others to see as clearly as she does now.

My First Political Rant...

Bravo to the LDS church for coming out in support of "some" gay rights this week.

I am going to hold back the profanities but THIS was faxed to some of my friend's offices today. If you get it at your office, call and complain. I did. :)
I know they are crazy, but it still makes me mad. Their website offers some good laughs though.

Talking In My Sleep

Seth and I are in Deer Valley again for a week! Hooray! Oh, the best part of this is that his aunt (who owns the place) told us she would pay us $10 every time we went to church. We laughed it off. Whatever, it's funny. Well while in Minnesota last week we went to sacrament meeting, just to see what it was like. Turns out- it is exactly the same as church here.

Anyway we arrived at the house last night and saw a note with a $10 bill. "Becky & Seth, this is for going to church."

Ha! Can you say bribery?

Not sure that's going to be the swaying factor for us going back to church- but we laughed pretty hard - and then gave the money to his friend James for gas money.

Ok anyways, back to my story. I have been known to freak out in my sleep a few times a year. It usually involves me dreaming, and waking up, thinking I see a giant spider (and mean giant, like 12 inches in diameter) falling down above my bed. I always JUMP out of bed, turn on the light, and strip my bed. It always takes me about a minute to realize that I was dreaming and that there is not in fact a 12 inch spider coming at me.

I have warned Seth about this, and he has yet to experience it.

That is until last night....

This is how I remember things going down.

I wake up around 2:30, look up and think that a wooden beam is falling off the ceiling and about to land on me. It looked something like this.

I gasp, sit up, point to the ceiling and say "WHOA Seth look at the ceiling!"

Seth doesn't do much but mumble.

Then, I proceed to turn on the lamp next to our bed, and continue gazing at the ceiling in awe (and confusion).

Turns out a large wooden beam is not falling onto our bed. How peculiar!

Once the light is on Seth says "What are you doing? Turn off the light!"

Which I do.

I promptly start falling back asleep.

Seth says "Honey, what is up with the light and the ceiling? What is wrong with you?"

I say, "Oh I don't know. I thought it was falling on us. I do that sometimes."

Seth says, "Seriously? You just hullicanated that?"

Me, "I must have been dreaming."


And we went back to sleep.

Seriously, I am a freak show. It's amazing it hasn't happened before now.

AT LEAST it wasn't a spider dream because I would have turned on the lights, ripped the covers off of Seth and really freaked him out.

Power of Positive Thinking, or Something Like That

Today I have decided that I am turning over a new leaf. That's right. The new Becky will now be happy, positive and patient. Life will be full of rainbows and sunshine again!

To be honest, I haven't been that great lately. I have probably been killing my new husband with my impatience and frustration. So, today, I am going to be better.

  • Gone are the days when I stress out about where Seth and I are moving to.

  • Gone are the days where I swear and freak out when I find out yet another job needs 2 more weeks to decide whether or not to hire Seth!

  • Gone are the days where I freak out about the idea of not being able to have my own house and Christmas tree with Seth for our first Christmas as a married couple.

  • Gone are the days where I worry about whether I will be leaving Make-A-Wish, should Seth and I leave, because I know I will have everything taken care of and in a good place for them.

There is one thing that I have learned from my darling husband, to just "let it be." I have never been someone to just let things go. When I was going through my divorce I was a mess (obviously). Seth used to say to me, "You are fine, you are going to be ok. Just let it be. Stop trying to control it."

Control it!? Me?!? If there is one thing I am's a control freak!

Ok that's a lie.

I come from a major stress case/control freak mother, and I am just like her.

She may be a stress ball but I totally adore her and understand her.

So, time for goal setting.

Today I vow to:

  • Work every day at Make-A-Wish like it is my last. Because honestly, if I have to leave, I am going to miss it desperately. I mean, how could I not?

  • Continue going to yoga. Yoga has changed my life in so many ways. When I am going, I feel better. I feel more relaxed, I feel stronger, I feel more centered. Since my wedding I have fallen off the bandwagon a bit, and BOY have I felt the difference. So, back to yoga, check!

  • Find a sense of spirituality again. Since I have been inactive in the church, I have lost a sense of spirituality. I want to feel some connection to God again. It's hard to find it when you aren't part of the religion you identified with all of your life. So, I vow to pray daily, maybe read some religious/inspirational books and try to improve who I am as a person.

  • Let it be. That's right. This will be the hardest one for me. I can't control the future, I can't force people to do anything. I simply have to let things be. Another thing that I have learned is that life is perfect. Everything will work out the way that it is supposed to. Enough said. Let it be. In the words of the great Beatles song, "Let it be, let it be. Let it be, ya let it be. There will be an answer, let it be."

  • Not get down on myself. Seriously, I have too much to be grateful for. A great husband, a family and loves and supports me, wonderful friends, a great job. We have a place to live (rent free) until we find out where we are landing. We are very lucky. I should be enjoying this time. Once Seth has a job, he'll likely be working long hours (which is fine) and I won't see him as much.

So that's it. Those are my current goals. I owe it to Seth and those closest to me to fix things. I'm sorry I haven't been better. Part of me and my OCD is goal setting, so lets see if it works. Wish me luck.

The OCD Me!

For those of you who know me, you know that I am pretty OCD. Yes, it's true. I am pretty sure that it stems from the crazy Italian women in my family.

Not to mention any names... you know who you are...

I personally think it adds character! The above women have been known to do the following:
  • Lysol wipe their toilet seats every day before leaving the house.

  • Put everything in tupperware and use a label maker to label everything.

  • Shine all the faucets in the house before going to bed at night.
Me however, I am a slightly different breed. Here are some things that make me crazy.

1. Candy eating: It is nearly impossible for me to grab a handful of candy and stick it in my mouth. No no no. First, all candy must be sorted into colors (or flavors). Second, I must eat the bad colors/flavors first. Third, I like to have even numbers of candy in my mouth. So I can have certain pieces on each side. It's sad. I know. ps-i love how perfectly the image below represents my own personal crazy. Just so you know, in this case I would eat the purple ones, then the green, moving onto bananas, oranges and finally the pink/red ones. I hate the new colors in runts by the way. Pisses me right off.

2. Night time routine: Oh guys this is a bad one for me. It really is. Anyone that has ever slept at my house, gone on vacation with me, etc...knows this. First, I MUST wash my face every night. I maybe miss washing my face 3-4 times a year. Also, I must brush my teeth. Then, I have to have my bed in perfect "sleeping condition". I sleep with 4 pillows and a body pillow. They all must be in the perfect position on my bed. Oh, and I can't go to sleep when I have a messy room. Every extra pillow on my bed has its place on my floor. Clothes are put away, even the picture frames and such have to be in the right position. Pathetic, I know.

3. The Perfect Bite: I also have this OCD thing with the perfect bite. This is especially bad with sandwiches, hamburgers, etc. When I order one I always rearrange my sandwich. I have to have the perfect amount of pickles, and they must be spread out. I often remove some of the meat, or the bread (waste of calories), also I can't stand chunks of lettuce. I have to ensure that every bite has a balanced amount of veggies, meat, cheese and bread.

4. Work Habits- I have a little notebook in which I write down EVERYTHING that I need to do with work. It can be something as complicated as "Find a $25,000 sponsor for the gala" or as simple as "file Dave's check into golf binder". This I think makes me a better employee because most of the time, I don't forget to do things. It brings me a lot of pleasure to be able to cross things off my list. Sometimes I can't get any work done if there is a pile of stuff on my desk. I sort it, add things to my list and then put it in my tray. It always feels so good to get going on "my list".

You should know certain things about my list though (to prove how crazy I am).

  • I choose a color ink for the "notebook" and stick to it. Oh man, you won't see blue ink, black ink and pencil in my notebooks. Oh no no no! I pick and stick people.

  • I choose another color for my "cross off" ink, which is usually a sharpie. I stick to that as well.

  • You should also know that i don't scribble, or doodle. Never have, never will. My school notes were always perfection.

  • I make notes on the left of the note book, and keep the list on the right. For example "call Seven Peaks" would be on the right. The left would say "left message 11/4 at 11:23 am" or "emailed 11/4 and 11:23 am". Hell, at least I know right?

  • I always save my notebooks. I almost cried when I left Christmas Box House and threw them away.

Here is an actual picture of my current notebook...

5. Money: I always know how much money I have in my account. I keep all of my receipts from every debit purchase and I balance my checkbook every day. Seriously, every day. I keep my register up to date and put a check mark next to the transaction once it clears. This means I check my online banking every day. I also pay my bills the day I am paid. It doesn't matter if it's an online payment that won't process for 10 days. In my opinion that money is gone on pay day.

Ok, this list is starting to depress me. It depresses me because this could easily go on and on. It also depresses me because I realize that nearly all of my blogs are numbered. What the?

So I put it to you dear readers, what else do I do? You all pick up on things more than I do. Feel free to mock me for it or fill me in on how YOU are OCD.

ps-on a side note, going to Minnesota tomorrow! Woot woot! VERY last minute trip. And by last minute I mean, Seth decided this at 6:00 am. Going to check out the scene, HOPEFULLY stop by Make-A-Wish there, meet the docs and get a job offer? Mid-west here we come!

pss- Thanks Matt & Whitney for the Jazz tickets last night! We killed the Spurs, who we normally lose to. You all have me to thank. They felt my love last night and played well. I think you guys should start a fund to help me get to as many games as possible. Very important. Very very important. Go Jazz!

Random Thoughts

Man, yesterday I was in a crap mood. I was cranky (I blame PMS), I was headachy, I was anxious, and just plain "off". I have decided that other than PMS I blame the full moon. Don't laugh! I am being serious. Sometimes the moon just throws me off. When I worked at the Christmas Box House we used to get more kids brought in than any other time of the month. It's true people, don't mess with the moon and your menstral cycle. Bad Pizza.

Today I feel better. Seth and I are staying up in Deer Valley at his aunt's place. It is super nice and really great to have a little alone time. Last night I came home and he had made a delicious pork loin for dinner. How great is my husband?

So here are some random thoughts, things to keep you entertained.

First, I saw a guy driving a Porche and smoking a cigar while driving down Parley's Canyon. Seriously, how much more "Park City" can you get than that? Dude, that guy was LOVIN' LIFE. You know he wakes up every morning and says (please once again read this in Seth's rich man voice)... "My life is freaking fantastic..muuuwwwahhhhh ha ha". I tried to take a picture with my cell phone, just so you could see his fluffy hair, bad hawaiian shirt and his cell phone. It was awesome.

Second, today is election day! Woot woot! Ok, in all honesty I have no idea who is even running today. What I do know is that on my commute to work I made it a point to honk and wave at all the volunteers holding signs on the street for thier candidate. It would make them so happy that I would acknowledge them. Ah, democracy, gotta love it. Also, Make-A-Wish is a polling place today. I keep catching "old lady" perfume scent wafting down the hall. Love the old voters. Way to go!

It's crazy to think that last year we elected this guy...

Did you guys know I am a liberal?

Really, last year was great. I love big election years. I loved all the hoopla leading up to the election. I loved the debates, the pundits, the issues, the fights, the drama (ahem, Pallin). I loved it all.

Obama, you're the man. I still love you. Way to introduce diplomacy back into our country! Way to tackle health care (something will pass!)...way to win the Nobel Peach Prize (wtf!?)...
Way to help bring the economy up for some air. I hope it lasts! I know you haven't done a perfect job but I think you are on the right track. I still think you are a bad ass and I am glad you are my President.

Third, job update. Ugh, stupid Corvallis was supposed to tell us last Friday if Seth got the job. They called yesterday to say "we are still trying to make a decision, we'll let you know by the middle of next week."


Are you effing kidding me!?

Ok, I am starting to think that moving in November is not going to happen. We better be moving in December or I am going to freak the hell out. I really really want to have my own house, my own Christmas tree, etc. This is another reason that I had a bad day, to add to PMS and full-moon excuses.
Finally, on my way to work, "Ease On Down the Road" came onto my iPod. For those of you who don't know I was obsessed with The Wizard of Oz when I was a kid. I mean, obsessed. Still am in a way ... as is evidenced by my awesome costume this weekend...

Well part of my obsession led to an obsession with "The Wiz" aka...the black Wizard of Oz. Have you guys seen this movie? It is so awesome and has an all-star cast! Michael Jackson (may he rest in peace), Diana Ross and Richard Pryor. The funny thing about this is that I have never actually seen the end of this movie. I had a tape of the movie that we recorded off the TV so I don't know the ending. Sad.

Anyway the best song from the show is MJ singing "Ease on Down the Road". I found the lyrics quite applicable today.

'cause there maybe times
When you think you lost your mind
And the steps you're takin'
Leave you three, four steps behind
But the road you're walking
Might be long sometimes
You just keep on steppin'
And you'll just be fine, yeah

Dear Wiz -

I love you and I will keep stepping...until we figure out where the hell we will be landing. Oh, but why does the scarecrow have a clown nose? WTF?

Love - me

ps- how cute is this picture? I finally got the digital negatives of my wedding pictures.