Thurl is not Barry

Working for a nonprofit is great. There are some days that I leave at the end of the day with a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that I somehow helped a child. Other days, I leave work crying because I can't handle any more sad news, sad stories or frustration. Every day I am grateful for the amazing kids I meet, and volunteers that I work with.

Somedays are not so good. Working for a nonprofit usually means working long hours for less pay than you would in the private sector. Working for a nonprofit means that some days you may be calling to ask for $15,000 while other days you may be painting the building, or sorting donations, or counting duckies...
Today was one of those ugh days. I had the opportunity to set up a couple booths about Make-A-Wish at two different events. I won't bore you with the details but lets just say it was 5 hours, with the goal of having some state employees sign up to donate to Make-A-Wish through payroll deductions. Me, and representatives from about 20 other charities lugged our displays, literature and handouts into a dull room and set up our 6 foot tables with stuff. Employees slowly started to file into the room and did what they could to avoid us. I know that people have good intentions and want people to feel like they are really making a difference. I really think most people feel annoyed by us. I had people casually walk by, I would say "Hello" or "Good morning!" without as much as a smile in return. And so I sat, for 2 hours. Luckily I spent some time writing wedding thank you notes while being avoided.

Then, it was time to move to the Hilton for event number two!

I had the option of going into the ballroom for a "program" and lunch but opted to stay out in the hallway with my booth and read. I figured I would just eat when I got back to the office (who likes hotel food anyway? Even my Smart One is better than bad chicken and rice).

Little did I know that the event had Thurl Bailey as the keynote speaker.

People love this guy! I mean who wouldn't!? Look at that beautiful aura that surrounds him! We had Thurl come to a Christmas Box House event years ago (I totally have a picture of me with him from this event, but I wouldn't know where to find it). Make-A-Wish had him host an event for them years ago...people love this guy.

I know he's nice but I am not a big fan. I was relieved to be out in the hall after his speech went at least 30 minutes longer than it should have. Not only was I hungry but I knew that once people got out, they would head straight back to the office because the event ran longer than it should have. So I was already annoyed...

And then he started singing...

Oh man....

It's not good guys....

I mean really not good....

I tried to imbed the video of him singing as Goliath but sadly I couldn't get it to work. Sad for you...really.

Thurl seriously? You are not Barry White. Just sayin'.

A Tale of Morning Hair

I have many nicknames among my friends, one of which is Lion. I have really fine hair but I also have A LOT of it. Needless to say when I wake up in the morning my hair is crazy. It is 80's rocker chick Pat Benatar crazy. I have never been the girl that can get up, run a brush through my hair and go. Nope. I need to tame the lion. It is quite annoying and frustrating to be honest with you.

It wasn't too long ago that the following story occurred with Seth:

It was early one morning. Seth was awake and trying to slowly wake me up (I am a major grumpy pants in the morning). Now I should preface this by saying Seth loves to snuggle. I mean...full body spooning, all night long. If he wakes up in the middle of the night and isn't right next to me, fully spooning me, he'll quickly remedy it.

This has taken me 4&1/2 years to get used to. Anyway, back to the story. Seth was trying to ease me awake like he usually does. He was lightly caressing my face, kissing me and rubbing my back. He slowly brushed my hair out of my eyes, tucked it behind my ear and said "Honey, you are so beautiful, even though you look like Patrick Swayze in the morning.

Thus ended our romantic morning. I was wide awake and my Patrick Swayze hair was in the shower before he knew it! In Seth's defense, my hair does look a lot like this awesome picture. RIP Patrick! We'll miss you!

On Being a Youkstetter

People keep asking me if it feels different to be married. Truthfully after being with Seth for 4&1/2 years I certainly didn't expect it to feel different. However, it does. I felt the difference immediately. It feels secure, it feels loving, and above all, it feels good.

Seth & I have been through a lot through the years. We endured a lot of baggage coming into this relationship (mainly from me). We Somehow endured 2 years of long distance with Seth in Idaho and me in Utah. We endured many 5 hour drives to and from Boise. We made it through 2 graduate programs, new jobs and many moves. We learned how to love and how to make ourselves vunerable. We have questioned our faith, we have questioned our love and we questioned our decisions. Mainly, we learned that love often takes a leap of faith and I am so glad we took it.

If there is one thing that I have learned, it is how being a Youkstetter is FUNNY. Seth has nearly made me pee my pants about 4 times since we have been married. I figure laughing that much can't be anything but a good thing.

Thus begins "My Life As A Youkstetter". I hope to keep you laughing as I relay my experience with my life with Seth. I hope to keep you as a reader when I find the need to vent about political issues that I am passionate about. I hope to bring some emotion and tears when I pass on some of the amazing stories I witness in my line of work. Above all, I hope to keep you entertained!